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Good citizenship is good business

US Sustainability Report 2015

The world is increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex.

We’re convinced the prosperity of our business, and society, lies in aligning our business goals with a commitment to social progress. Individually and collectively each of us has a stake in ensuring the world works better for all.

EY - Stephen R. Howe, Jr.

“Our purpose is simply to build a better working world. Everything we do supports this purpose: from building trust and confidence in markets, to helping businesses seize economic opportunity. Every audit, every tax return, every advisory opportunity, every interaction with a client or colleague — everything our people do is driven by our purpose.”

EY - Stephen R. Howe, Jr.
Stephen R. Howe, Jr.
US Chairman and Managing Partner,
Americas Managing Partner

Our principles

We are committed to doing our part to build a better working world. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in our economy.

Our values inspire our people and guide them to do the right thing.

In FY15, our US people completed more than 100,000 hours of ethics-related training in the classroom, online and through web-based learning modules; 100% of our client-serving professionals have signed a pledge to uphold our Global Code of Conduct which provides a clear set of the standards that guide our actions and our business conduct.

And our commitment to building relationships by doing the right thing extends to our broader community. We join with organizations that bring together thought leaders on issues important to us and our stakeholders, identifying trends and driving dialogue and collaboration on topics such as developing future generations of talent, investing in the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and raising awareness of gender parity by championing diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce.


Our people

Our ability to support our clients in their success depends on the quality and commitment of EY people and how they team together. That is why creating the highest-performing teams, attracting, developing and inspiring great people, and promoting a culture that supports them in working together is central to EY’s Vision 2020 strategy and purpose of building a better working world.

Highest-performing teams comprise highly engaged individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds who come together to deliver exceptional client service.

To support these teams, we are committed to continually providing our people with training that develops their skills, challenging client opportunities, a diverse workplace, flexibility and choice, and a framework to guide their career development.

We provide competitive compensation and benefits. And we offer informal and formal flexibility arrangements that provide the opportunity for our people to achieve work-life balance.


Our clients

Fundamental to building a better working world is our commitment to promoting increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth within and beyond EY, development of talent in all its forms and greater collaboration.

An important way we do this is through its high-quality professional services, which help build trust and confidence in the capital markets around the world. We believe that through every audit, every tax return, every advisory opportunity, every interaction with a client or colleague, our people are making the world a better place.

Our communities

Making a positive difference in the world is not a side activity. EY US believes we make the biggest contribution to our communities when we take the same distinctive services and competencies we use in our business every day and apply them to helping solve some of our communities’ most pressing challenges.

This belief is reflected in our three areas of social impact focus: supporting Education, Entrepreneurs and Equity in the workforce.

Our people donated 207,000 volunteer hours in 2015, along with $70m to charities and higher education, including through United Way, a nonprofit organization in which our offices participate heavily in yearly campaigns. Across our organization, more than 16,000 volunteers logged more than 105,000 hours on EY Connect Day, our largest signature volunteer program – resulting in our highest contribution to date.

Our member firms’ hiring and development practices have helped them build a reputation as one of the world’s great developers of talent. Every year, our member firms hire tens of thousands of smart young people, train them with valuable skills and integrate them into our high-performing teams.

We continue to develop future generations of talent through various programs and alliances. These include College MAP (Mentoring for Access and Persistence) and through relationships with organization such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Junior Achievement and NFTE.

We have also made it our business to be the world leader in advising, guiding and recognizing entrepreneurs. Our identification with entrepreneurs and high-growth companies, through programs such as Entrepreneur Of The Year® (EOY) and the EY Strategic Growth Forum®, serves as the cornerstone of our brand.

Promoting equity in the workforce means championing diversity and inclusiveness, including increasing the representation of women in business and supporting successful women entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses and becoming market leaders. We believe that well-managed diversity is essential to building a better working world.

Diverse perspectives, harnessed by an inclusive culture, drive better decision-making, stimulate innovation and increase organizational agility in the face of a rapidly changing world. Increased representation of women as leaders, in particular, has been shown to correlate positively with sustained economic growth and community investment. A few of our many programs for women include Women. Fast forward, EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women®, and the Women Athletes Business Network.

How we measure the good we do

We have developed this report in accordance with GRI G4 (Core) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Our Climate Change and Sustainability Services’ (CCaSS) professionals advised us on the materiality of our report using an approach similar to what we use with external clients.

We used a systematic approach to understanding the issues that our report should cover, as well as the measurements we use to document our performance against these issues.

We believe it should serve as a role model for transitioning to a low-carbon economy by systematically measuring the environmental impact of our own operations and taking demonstrable steps to reduce it. Working with its own in-house CCaSS professionals, we measures our global carbon footprint annually and reports our environmental impact via the UNGC.

We reports our environmental data through the Carbon Disclosure Project. Our carbon output comes from two sources: office energy consumption and business travel (particularly air travel).

We continue to increase the energy efficiency of our offices through our LEED, green-building strategy and by implementing our Workplace of the Future model, which uses technology that enables us to use our office space more efficiently. Although travel is critical to our business, we are investing in travel alternatives, like telepresence videoconferencing and enhanced desktop and mobile options.