EY Entrepreneur Of The Year


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You're in great company!

A lifetime network of the world’s most influential and innovative
high-growth entrepreneurs

EY - US EOY alumni

Congratulations EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award® winners on your outstanding achievements! We are thrilled to welcome you to the alumni community. Members of this elite community are exceptional leaders who disrupt the status quo, drive innovation, create jobs and transform economies.

Your award is just the beginning

A community of entrepreneurs is a powerful force – and it’s yours to mobilize. All recipients of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in the United States are invited to join a private online community to

  • Connect with a diverse group of vetted entrepreneurs
  • Share news, industry insight, trends and best practices
  • Gain actionable insights into the issues confronting the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Access exclusive events, publicity opportunities and resources

Please also visit the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Hall of Fame to see for yourself the entrepreneurial excellence we've been so honored to celebrate since 1986.

For more information, contact Erika Chambers, US Alumni Community Manager, at +1 703 209 0441