What happens when we all feel like we belong?

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When we feel a strong sense of belonging, we feel free to be ourselves and safe to offer different points of view and dissenting opinions, and we believe that our contributions mattered. We feel like “insiders,” a trusted integral part of a team, network or community.

Given the increasing diversity of our teams, we cannot take a sense of belonging for granted. That is why we, as leaders, colleagues and team members, need to be purposeful and deliberate in cultivating a sense of belonging for all, to harness its benefits for us as individuals, for highest-performing teams and for our organizations.

Everyone has opportunities every day to shape the belonging experience for ourselves and others. This requires applying inclusive behaviors and norms, to make it clear to each person that their differences matter and that they are an “insider” of the group and not an “outsider.”

This guide is for individuals and teams to learn more about the value of belonging at work, and how to team and lead in ways that create a positive belonging experience for ourselves and our colleagues.

Specifically we explore:

  • How optimizing belonging increases the value of Diversity & Inclusiveness
  • The personal and business benefits of belonging research
  • The potential barriers to belonging 
  • Practical tips and suggested actions to strengthen the experience of belonging for yourself and others

Download the guide.