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The transition from volume to value continues…


To move from volume to value

The Affordable Care Act has ushered in a new era in health care. The transition from volume to value continue and health care organizations are scrambling to turn data and information into true insights to deliver the best outcomes in the most cost-effective manner.
Government and commercial insurance programs are becoming more aggressive in managing care and vertically integrating into the provider space. Value-based payment paradigms demand excellence in actuarial and benefit design via data analysis. As always, health care organizations must be vigilant for fraudulent, wasteful and abusive activities. The next generation of analytics must also incorporate clinical data.
As providers enter the realm of accountable care and value-based payment system they are being challenged to harness the power of clinical data. Meaningful data use has incentivized widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and more clinical data is being digitized than ever before; however, much of that data is unstructured and difficult to extract from EHR’s. Furthermore, a lack of standards and vocabulary nuances can make semantic harmonization extremely problematic.


By working with an organization that designs its infrastructure with the future in mind

EY is building an infrastructure for the future with market-leading security protections supporting an Analytics as a Service (AaaS) model. AaaS provides you with an alternative model to buying, building and maintaining an IT infrastructure that supports advanced analytics. EY Envision is built on a single, powerful platform that provides you with a subscription to health insights at a fraction of the cost.
The financial resources, discipline and human capital needed to get effective data analytics are elusive and difficult to mobilize in individual businesses where this is not their core capability.
EY will serve as a trusted resource, providing advanced analytics for customer segmentation, provider segmentation, risk stratification and fraud waste and abuse detection in a secure manner for consistent use across the enterprise.
We will provide a robust infrastructure with semantic capabilities and knowledge workers that are often prohibitively expensive for health care organizations to amass individually. Commodity-based capabilities and pricing will serve as an introductory offering for our advanced analytic capabilities.


Meet the complex needs of payers and providers

Customers are looking for a “one-stop shop” versus point solutions and homegrown tools. Currently, there is no vendor who can incorporate the data from across the health care ecosystem and meet the complex needs of payers and providers.
Dependent on the customer, EY Envision will provide market leading services in these areas:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Member risk identification
    and stratification for care management activities
  • Measurement of care management activities to influence behavior
  • Fraud, waste and abuse detection
  • Mandatory quality reporting
  • Meaningful use reporting
  • Physician Quality Reporting
  • Cost/outcomes reporting
  • Predictive models
  • Risk models

EY knows health care analytics and business intelligence

EY knows health care analytics and business intelligence



Bringing patients into focus:
Using analytics to create a 360° view

EY - Using analytics to create a 360° view



Our team values

EY - Our team values