Guidance on creating diverse abilities images for EY

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We make every effort to show the full diversity of our people by including various ethnicities, ages, abilities and other visible differences. Below are some of our guidelines:

Show collaboration

  • EY people work mainly in teams, so try to show groups, not solo individuals.
  • Show the real diversity in our teams; don’t go overboard portraying people with disabilities in every photo.

Depict independence

  • EY people with disabilities seldom need colleagues’ help with everyday tasks. Wheelchair users and people who are blind, for example, typically get around by themselves, so show them that way.
  • EY people with disabilities both lead and follow. Therefore, portray them as active and dynamic.

Emphasize authenticity

  • Feature EY people who have disabilities rather than professional models whenever possible.
  • Avoid uniform facial expressions. Try to keep them natural.