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Transactions careers: deliver purpose over profit by helping your clients make better capital decisions

In today’s world, it’s not just about doing good — it’s about creating good too. As a transactions professional at EY, you’ll have the opportunity to advise clients to think about both the economic and social value of their deals. Just imagine the difference you could make as you guide your clients to make better, more informed decisions as they buy, sell, integrate, reshape, restructure or rethink their business strategy.

Get the most out of your career…

For you and your career, this means access to continuous professional learning and development to keep your technical skills and industry knowledge ahead of the curve. It’s also an opportunity to broaden your experiences and move into different areas of Transactions or specialize in different industries.

…and your life too

Being part of a high trust culture which is all about what you deliver, not where you deliver it, means you’ll be able to manage your personal life too. It’s all about the right team, open communication and mutual respect so you can flex your time how you need to.

The smartest person in the room is everyone

That's how it feels to be part of a high-performing team that’s 100% on your side. Everyone working together to achieve team goals. It also means you'll be surrounded by people who are prepared to think differently and will listen to everyone's ideas.

EY Transaction Advisory Services — Experience a different perspective.

EY - Transactions careers

Working with our clients to manage their capital agenda

Investment Banking

EY - M&A AdvisoryAs part of the Investment Banking team, you'll help advise C-suite executives and boards on both buy-side and sell-side transactions, and help them evaluate strategic alternatives. Drawing on industry knowledge and leveraging an extensive global network, the team advises on the sale process from strategic positioning to close, helps execute acquisitions, alliances and mergers, and provides "boardroom” advice.

Services are offered through Ernst & Young Capital Advisors, LLC, a broker-dealer affiliate of Ernst & Young LLP and member of FINRA.

Infrastructure Advisory

EY - Infrastructure AdvisoryOur project finance teams assist public sector clients with procuring infrastructure-related projects and help private sector clients structure and finance deals. You’ll evaluate different ways of delivering projects, develop financial models and negotiate funding to secure the most competitive terms.


EY - RestructuringAs part of our market-leading Restructuring practice, you’ll act as a trusted advisor working closely with a variety of stakeholders to provide direction and actionable advice. Together with your team, you’ll work quickly to identify financial and operational strategies to generate liquidity, improve earnings, and extract value across underperforming, stressed and distressed businesses. Our multi-disciplinary team offers integrated and impartial advisory services to help clients achieve their strategic goals – whether buying or selling a distressed asset, restructuring a business, addressing underperformance or preserving value through bankruptcy or insolvency.

Operational Transaction Services

EY - Operational Transaction ServicesWithin Operational Transaction Services we build strong interpersonal relationships with our clients to provide a full range of hands-on, operationally focused support and advice across the transaction life cycle, whether supporting a buyer or seller. Our services include operational and IT due diligence, synergy assessment, integration, carve out and private equity portfolio optimization projects. We work with a variety of clients across all sectors ranging from large corporates to private equity houses.

Divestiture Advisory Services

Businesspeople in meetingAs organizations focus on preserving, optimizing and raising capital, they often turn to divestitures as they strategically manage their portfolios. Our Divestiture Advisory Services professionals will work with corporate and private equity clients on a variety of divestitures, including sales of the entire company, carve-outs, spin-offs and joint ventures.

Real Estate Advisory

EY - Operational Transaction ServicesJoining our Real Estate Advisory team puts you in the heart of developing capital market strategies for private and public sector clients. We are experienced in understanding how to acquire or dispose of real estate to meet their goals. Our advisory services teams provide feasibility studies, valuations and project management.

Valuation & Business Modeling

EY - Valuation & Business ModelingAs part of our Valuation & Business Modeling team, you’ll help clients understand the value of their business, securities, intellectual property, capital equipment, intangibles and other assets. Further, you’ll work with businesses to develop models using alternative operational assumptions, financing structures and analytic recommendations that incorporate key risks and uncertainties.


EY - Strategy ServicesBring your entrepreneurial thinking to a team that’s all about thinking big. As part of our Strategy Services group, you’ll provide a broad spectrum of front-end strategic advice to help clients reach their full potential as they navigate market disruptions and technological change. We build high-trust relationships with our clients and provide growth strategy, transaction strategy and operations strategy.

Transaction Support

EY - Transaction SupportWe offer insights to clients in competitive positioning, product mix, operations, customer relationships and future outlook for both acquisition (target assets or companies) and divestiture process (carve-out part of the business for selling it). Using both historical data and predictive and social media analytics, we help companies focus on deal drivers that pose the most investment risk or opportunity for return. As an integral part of our team, your analysis will help clients with their transactions to identify key drivers, improve deal structures, mitigate risks, and challenge assumptions about future performance.

Transaction Tax

EY - Transaction TaxWhether it’s an acquisition, disposal, re-financing, restructuring or an initial public offering, we work across some of the most complex and high-profile transactions in the market, combining cross-border experience with local tax knowledge. We create real value for our clients by addressing the tax implications of each deal from the outset and developing deal structures that appropriately address the tax and business implications and are in line with our clients’ strategic priorities.