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How can undiscovered opportunities help you discover your best self?

What to expect

At Discover EY (DEY), you’ll find that a career in professional services is more than you might think. You’ll meet and build relationships with a diverse group of EY professionals — from interns and staff who recently joined our organization to partners and principals. You’ll experience our unique people culture, which celebrates inclusiveness, diversity of thought and the global mindset you’ll need to thrive on international teams. In addition, you’ll participate in career and leadership development activities, as well as team-building exercises that will put you on a path to a career adventure unlike any other. Once you’ve attended the conference, you will be eligible to interview for future opportunities.

When and where is it?

  • June 24-26, 2019 in Dallas, TX

You should consider applying if you:

  • Are three or more years from graduation — typically college freshmen or sophomores
  • Intend to pursue a degree in Accounting, technology-related majors (Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Engineering, Analytics, Computer Science, etc.), Finance, Economics, Math, Statistics or a related subject
  • Have a strong academic record
  • Are a member of a traditionally underrepresented racial or ethnic minority group
  • Have a genuine interest in a professional services career

How do I apply?

Visit your school’s career services office or online careers portal to learn more and apply for this exciting opportunity.

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