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Digital transformation in underwriting

EY’s Digital Underwriting Survey

EY recently conducted a global survey of more than 40 carrier, broker and InsurTech firms. The survey is the first to focus exclusively on the impact of digital technologies in the middle market and large commercial and specialty segments and reveals the important and rapid evolution that is proceeding within underwriting.

Technology investments


EY - Technology investments

Key themes emerging from the survey


Predictive analytics, big data, underwriting trading platforms and geographic information systems (GIS) are the most mature technologies currently being adopted.


Blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA) and sensor-based technologies are all high priorities for the future, with organizations planning to commit significant resources.


There is a strong need for longer and closer monitoring time of early stage investments and the potential need for more rigor in business case development.


Insurers and brokers agree that underwriting and pricing capabilities are the most important and potentially valuable in terms of future technology investments.


Actuarial has benefited the most from predictive analytics and machine learning, while policy processing has been the focus of RPA initiatives.

Underwriter of the future

As the insurance industry continues to experience rapid and profound change, the effects are being felt across every major function in the insurance enterprise. Increasingly, insurers are turning their attention to underwriting, where an important transformation is taking place. To further explore this transformation and the strategic investments being made, EY and CPCU Society® surveyed more than 1,000 underwriting professionals. The findings revealed that whereas risk selection and pricing were once the primary activities, today's underwriters must serve as sales executives, decision scientists, customer advocates and innovators.

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EY’s Digital Underwriting Survey

EY’s Digital Underwriting Survey

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EY - Digital transformation in underwriting: what it means and how to get there

Digital transformation in underwriting: what it means and how to get there

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