Federal cyber services

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Cybersecurity is not just a technology or risk issue. It’s a strategic government imperative. That’s why we bring a cross-functional team of cybersecurity professionals, business advisors, investigators, and technical IT risk practitioners to help you tackle your biggest challenges.

Cyber impacts multiple facets of all federal agencies — strategy, security, finances, operations and compliance. EY’s Federal Cyber competency provides six focused offerings designed to help US government agencies and departments: Cyber Digital and Analytics, Cyber Defense and Response, Strategy and Architecture, Cyber Operations, Governance and Compliance, and Cyber Technology and Innovation.

EY  - Federal cyber services

Powered by the experience of our professionals, these offerings can help you develop a robust, responsive and holistic cyber program that will assist in reducing and managing mission and business risk. With complexity increasing every day, we work with you to give your organization real-time agility and resilience against cybersecurity threats while enabling growth and opportunity.

EY draws on in-depth technical and IT risk management knowledge from both the private and public sectors. Our global ecosystem of talent, strategic alliances, intellectual property, managed services and technologies means we bring the right insight at the right time. This approach helps government agency and department leaders establish a robust cybersecurity program while also navigating the complex federal regulatory environment.

We can work with you to proactively prepare for or address the outcomes from compliance exercises, which will offer you more comprehensive perspectives for decision-making, focus areas for potential cost reduction and improved information security across the government.

To thrive, you need the ability to adapt. That means embedding cybersecurity resilience everywhere — at every level of your organization. Through our experience working with the federal government and our clients across all of the critical infrastructure segments, EY understands the specific challenges you face in protecting your mission and constituents. We are here to help you.

Our cyber capabilities

  • Digital and analytics

    • Security Analytics Services
      • Data, Identity, Behavioral and Cogitative
    • Internet of Connected Things Security Services
      • Operational Technology Security
      • Internet of Things (IoT) Security Services
    • Cloud and Mobility Security Services
      • Digital Trust
    • Data Identification and Protection Services
    • Social Media Security Services
    • Digital Identity Security Services
  • Defense and response

    • Threat Detection and Response Management Services
      • Incident Response
      • Threat Intelligence
      • Active Defense (Hunting)
      • Red Team Services
      • Security Operations Services
    • Threat Exposure Management Services
      • Software Security Service
        • Product Security Services
      • Vulnerability Identification and Management
  • Strategy and architecture

    • Architecture and Design Services
      • Identity, Data, Threat
    • Strategic Assessment and Program Services
      • Countermeasure Assessment
      • Technology Strategy Assessment
      • Strategic Intelligence Program
      • Business Risk Strategy
      • Analytics Strategy
      • Operations Strategy
      • Identity Strategy
    • Cyber Acceleration Services
    • Security Training and Awareness Services
    • Performance Management Services
  • Cyber operations

    • Cyber-as-a-Service Offerings
      • Threat Detection and Response Monitoring Services
        • Security Operations Monitoring Service
        • Insider Threat Monitoring Service
    • Threat Exposure Monitoring Services
      • Software Security Monitoring and Protection Services
      • Vulnerability Identification Scanning and Protection Service
      • Internet of Connected Things Monitoring and Protection Services
    • Data Identification, Protection and Monitoring Services
    • Identity and Service
  • Governance and compliance

    • Cyber Regulations, Privacy and Compliance Services
      • Program Development and Improvement
      • Assessments Services
    • Cyber Governance and Policy Services
      • Identity and Privileged
    • Regulatory Inventory and Data Classification Services
    • Privacy Assurance
  • Technology and innovation

    • Cyber Innovation
      • Insider Threat Identification Service
      • Medical Device Vulnerability Identification Service
      • Autonomous Car Vulnerability Identification Services
      • Cyber Orchestration and Robotics Services
      • Advanced Malware Detonation Services
    • Cyber Technology Ecosystem
      • Microsoft Security Services
      • IBM Security Services
      • SAP Security Services
      • GE Digital Security Services
      • Cisco Security Services
    • Advanced Technology Implementation Security Services


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