Technology Consulting

Technology is the critical mechanism that helps enable continued progress for the US Federal Government — improving operational performance, modernizing systems and processes, uncovering insights, managing risk, reducing costs and driving innovation.

Core capabilities

The technology landscape is more challenging and complex than ever and it's changing at a breathtaking pace. Agencies have the opportunity to embark on efforts to unify strategy, systems, analytics, infrastructure and customer-facing functions — all leveraging technology.


EY - James Menard

James Menard

GPS Technology Consulting Leader

EY - Yancey Hall

Yancey Hall

Digital and Emerging Technologies

EY - Ismail R.

Ismail R. Ismail

Data and Analytics

EY - Eric Stogoski

Eric Stogoski

Civilian Agencies

EY - Narayan Mamidanna

Narayan Mamidanna

Solution Delivery

EY - Rich Hauf

Rich Hauf

Technology Transformation

EY - Kumar Mantripragada

Kumar Mantripragada

Defense Agencies

EY - Jeff Wilkins

Jeff Wilkins

Defense Agencies

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EY has established global connectivity and collaboration across technology solutions by way of our ecosystem of alliances. Our Government and Public Sector (GPS) Technology Consulting practice has the depth and breadth of technology experience, assets and alliances required to solve complex issues and deliver better outcomes for our government.

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