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Doing business in a digital world

In an industry synonymous with creativity and innovation, the bar for business excellence is set high. You need to embrace new technology, develop new distribution models and satisfy the demands of a voracious and outspoken consumer.

At the same time it’s important to manage costs, exceed stakeholder expectations and comply with new regulations.

There’s always another challenge just around the corner.

EY’s Global Media & Entertainment Center can help. We bring together a worldwide team of 7,500 M&E professionals with deep technical experience in providing assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services to the industry’s leaders.

Our network of professionals collaborate and share knowledge around the world, to provide consistent, high-quality service and leverage our leading market share position to provide you with actionable information, quickly and reliably.

Key issues that we help you manage in today’s media and entertainment environment include:

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TMT Corporate Finance

EY - TMT Corporate Finance

Spanning across 18 global locations, you will find information on more than 100 Corporate Finance professionals, providing buy- and sell-side mandates, growth capital fundraising and strategic advisory services.

TMT Convergence Network - Global centers for physical and virtual collaboration

EY - TMT Convergence Network - Global centers for physical and virtual collaboration

Global centers for physical and virtual collaboration

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