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Ours is a streamlined, global organization, able to deploy high-performance teams. We generate fresh ideas; invest in experienced talent with deep industry knowledge; and focus on client results and client service.

Our Power & Utilities Advisory practice in the Americas integrates practical industry experience with bold, innovative thinking. We develop insights and approaches to help our clients improve business performance.

  • We help our clients protect their businesses by addressing the strategic and operational risks, and developing mature risk practices that reduce the exposure to negative events.
  • We optimize technology, structures and engagement to drive sustainable cost efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • We embrace innovation as a catalyst and use emerging technologies like cloud, mobile and social to extend the reach of the organization.
  • And we provide insights that energize growth.

Specifically, we understand the issues that matter to you:

  • Reducing costs across the enterprise
  • Recovering costs through an effective regulatory strategy and process
  • Securing business value and cost recovery for investments in grid modernization
  • Deploying Smart Grid to realize benefits, enhance reliability and engage customers
  • Creating and implementing a customer strategy to address the changing landscape
  • Protecting your mission critical systems from cyber attack
  • Ensuring the safety and reliability of your nuclear fleet
  • Knowing the integrity of your assets to effectively manage risk

We can help you build – and execute on – your performance agenda. Our team is committed to delivering measurable, sustainable results that help you turn strategy into reality. That’s how we make a difference.

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