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We are known for our strong assurance practice. We provide critical information for investors and other stakeholders, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and timely and constructive input to management.

Beyond our audit capabilities, our assurance professionals provide services as required by global or local regulations, including:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting (including IFRS)
  • Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS)
  • Fraud, Investigation and Dispute Services (FIDS)

We have a strong presence in the global power and utilities audit market. With an 18% audit market share of the power and utilities companies listed in the 2012 Fortune Global 500, EY is one of the leading auditors globally.

We also have a 22% audit market share of the power and utilities companies listed in the 2012 Forbes Global 2000.

Our clients benefit from the global network of 1,400 assurance professionals in our power & utilities group, who have deep experience of the sector’s key risks, and also specific regional and sub-sector issues.

Over the years, this experience has enabled us to develop customized guidance and case studies that can answer many of the questions your company may have about accounting issues.

Examples include:


  • Accounting for fuel purchase contracts, considering the provision applicable under accounting standards

Power generation

  • Components approach for generation plants
  • Accounting for decommissioning provisions
  • Treatment of emission rights under a cap and trade mechanism
  • Accounting for arrangements containing a lease
  • Impairment of power stations.

Trading and portfolio management

  • Risk management
  • Commodity hedge accounting
  • Embedded derivatives.

Transmission and distribution

  • Gas in a distribution network or storage
  • Rate-regulated activities
  • Service concession arrangements.


  • Connection fees
  • Customer acquisition costs.

This collective knowledge enables us to carry out a detailed analysis of the key risks you face and their possible accounting and reporting impacts.


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