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Operating in a new era

Technology is a multifaceted, influential and fluid industry whose executives must manage the art of being agile while focusing on operational excellence and meeting greater consumer demand. Our worldwide team of industry-focused assurance, tax, transaction and advisory professionals has the deep sector knowledge and technical experience to interpret the market and help you compete powerfully.

Key issues in today's technology environment include:

  • Social networking: creating a presence

    Some organizations are creating a presence on social networks to promote products and services and to communicate directly with their customers.

    • But when an organization creates a profile for this purpose, how does it define and communicate its privacy practices for the information it collects?
    • And how should employees who communicate with customers on an individual basis use the additional personal information available to them from their customers’ profile?

    These are all questions companies using social networks as a sales or promotion tool should be asking.

    Organizations also need to be aware that social media sites can be abused for fraud purposes and that the information that is collected by the site is not in the control of the organization and will likely end up “living” longer than the organization intends or expects.

    Policies and training are key 

    It is important that organizations develop and communicate thoughtful policies that address interactions among customers, employees and job candidates.

    Merely disabling social network use in the workplace is not a sustainable solution 

    The reliance on these policies is especially paramount in an environment where regulatory requirements do not easily align with technology and its common uses. Awareness campaigns and training must accompany the policy changes.

  • Information security in a virtual world

    Business is moving into the virtual world as more and more data is transmitted over the internet, and cloud computing, social networking and mobile devices become more prevalent.

    Our 15th annual Global Information Security Survey confirms that information security is one of the most important issues facing organizations today.

    Overall, we have identified three trends with a significant impact on the role and importance of information security:

    • Physical boundaries are disappearing as more business data is transmitted over the internet
    • The pace of change continues to accelerate
    • Companies are moving from the more traditional outsourcing contracts to cloud service providers

    Are you prepared for the risks?

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