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The Better Finance Podcast Series

EY’s Better Finance Podcast series explores the changing dynamics of the business world and what it means for finance leaders of today and tomorrow.

Automation, Integration and Modern Finance

Episode 11: 15 minutes

With automation and integrated technology on the cusp of redefining today’s accounting, function leaders need to be smart about how to efficiently and effectively implement new offerings. EY’s Myles Corson sits down with BlackLine founder and CEO Therese Tucker to discuss a strategic shift in the way the function operates and redefining accounting as a critical partner in driving forward new business objectives.

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EY - Reporting

Isn’t it time the intangible became tangible when measuring long-term value?
As investors and business become more focused on long-term value, how intangible assets are measured will likely be more critical than ever.

Can the new lease accounting standard be more than a compliance mandate?
Despite challenges, many companies are taking advantage of lease accounting changes to transform their business.

Will companies and boards be ready for the shareholder engagement season?
As the 2017 proxy season closes out, what are the key takeaways to help companies prepare for dialogues with their investors?


EY - Talent

What will the workforce of the future be?
As growing risks pose significant threats to many companies, workforce strategy is emerging as a priority for many executives and boards.

Why are forward-thinking boards taking a closer look at the talent agenda?
How are talent strategies and the ability to transform an organization's workforce playing a critical role in positioning companies to successfully navigate market and technology changes?

Are you ready for your first 100 days as a new leader?
What happens when you find yourself in a significant leadership role where the masses look to you to lead the way? How do you prepare for your new responsibilities? Who do you turn to for guidance?


EY - Digital

Can digital uncertainty be transformed into trust?
In an age of technology disruption, how can risk functions keep pace and have the skills to manage new risks impacting their business?

Is your business prepared for intelligent automation?
Intelligent automation is an area where businesses may risk being on the wrong side of history.

What are the five things to know about the future of blockchain?
As more businesses begin to onboard blockchain for their processes, there are five things every finance executive should know.