How EY can help

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Future of Work is part of our holistic model that looks at both the hardware (operating model) and software (operating environment) of an organization to help align them for success, using a suite of tools to drive transparency, visibility and performance across the talent value chain. We help companies address complex issues relating to organizational transformation or transactions, covering employee life cycles from end to end, effective talent deployment and mobility, how to gain value from evolving and virtual workforces, and the changing role of HR. By holistically examining the process, technology and people issues with a technology-enabled and data-driven approach, we help organizations seize a competitive workforce advantage.

As part of those efforts, our Organization and Talent Planning professionals offer a method for collecting and curating the data necessary to map your organization and drive the talent selection process using the EY Organization and Talent Hub, our proprietary technology platform, which pulls an organization’s data into a secure environment, providing access to crucial statistics before and after a transaction or transformation occurs. It offers the granularity necessary for planning the new organization and selecting and retaining talent, while tracking workforce movements needed for day-to-day operations.

If you would like the assistance of an advisor, reach out to us.