Entrepreneurial Winning Women

2018 award winners

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Meet the 2018 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women. These dynamic women entrepreneurs join our elite network of the country’s best high-growth companies and will now participate in our customized leadership program designed to connect them with the advisors, resources and insights they need to scale their businesses.

EY - Joelle Faulkner

Joelle Faulkner
Area One Farms
Toronto, Ontario
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Area One Farms Ltd. (AOF) is a Canadian agricultural private equity firm that bridges the gap between agriculture and equity — helping quality Canadian farmers expand their operations in a stable, committed partnership with investors. AOF helps farm partners adopt farm management principles and practices that help raise the effectiveness and efficiency of farming operations.

EY - Megan Driscoll

Megan Driscoll
New York, NY
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EvolveMKD is a public relations and social media agency that marries a storytelling ability with a love of analytics across channels ranging from earned media to Instagram. EvolveMKD has a deep subject-matter expertise in new and burgeoning industries, such as aesthetics, which positions the company well for future areas that may not even exist yet. In the four years that EvolveMKD has been in business, it has donated 10% of its profits each year to charities that support women across the US.

EY - Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith
Victoria, BC
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Flytographer is an online marketplace that connects travelers with local photographers in 250 cities worldwide for fun, candid photoshoots. With Flytographer, travelers not only return with a beautiful souvenir, but also learn cool insider tips on what to eat, see and do as they stroll the streets chatting with their local photographer.

EY - Heather Payne

Heather Payne
HackerYou College of Technology
Toronto, ON
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HackerYou College of Technology is a registered private career college based in Toronto, Canada. Serving more than 1,000 students a year from a 12,000-square-foot campus in the tech hub of the city, HackerYou offers both vocational and non-vocational programs for people who want to learn to build websites, become developers or become better developers.

EY - Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard

Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard
Mindset Digital
Worthington, OH
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Mindset Digital provides training and consulting to leading corporations and more than 150,000 professionals around the world, from Australia to Dubai. The game-based, dopamine-generating learning experiences create excitement, drive adoption of the latest tech platforms, and show you not just what's now, but what's next. To capture attention and compete in a digital age, everyone across your enterprise must adopt new digital mindsets.

EY - Jill Marlan

Jill Marlan
Peak Performance Physical Therapy
Lansing, MI
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The purpose of Peak Performance Physical Therapy is to educate patients that they are allowed to take charge of their own health and pain management plan. The company provides an advanced integrated approach to minimize or eliminate pain; restore mobility, strength, flexibility and balance; and maximize function for activities of daily living, work and recreation.

EY - Jennifer Yen

Jennifer Yen
Purlisse Beauty
Beverly Hills, CA
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Purlisse Beauty was founded from the desire to create a skincare line with an emphasis on ingredients that gently heal, soothe and repair the skin without the need for harsh chemicals. Purlisse is derived from Asian beauty wisdom, reinvented into modern, multitasking and high-performing skincare essentials that are safe for all skin types, even hypersensitive skin.

EY - Alyssa Furtado & Lauren Haw

Alyssa Furtado & Lauren Haw
Ratehub & Zoocasa
Toronto, ON
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Ratehub connects Canadians to the best financial products on the market. More than five million Canadians visit the Ratehub.ca website every year to get personalized financial recommendations. Alyssa and Lauren have also created a real estate brokerage firm call Zoocasa. It is the first real estate company in Canada to focus on pairing online technology with a full-service offline team.

EY - Lisa van Kesteren

Lisa van Kesteren
SeeLevel HX
Atlanta, GA
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SeeLevel HX is the nation’s leading information-gathering agency. By leveraging a network of more than 650,000 gig workers spread across North America, SeeLevel collects and delivers ongoing streams of data to Fortune 500 clients, information that only a human can collect. The data gathered continuously improves customer experience as our clients gain deeper insight into their competitive landscape, monitor pricing in real time, launch new products, evaluate operations delivery and craft strategies that will always mirror the ever-changing marketplace.

EY - Liana Hans

Liana Hans
Boost Healthcare Consulting
Alameda, CA
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Boost Healthcare Consulting, founded in 2013, is a consulting firm focused on helping healthcare providers (hospitals, medical groups, ambulatory surgery centers) identify and recover lost revenue from underpayments and denials from third party payers. Boost provides clients with claims data showing payer performance and root cause analysis of denial and underpayment issues. This invaluable knowledge is used as leverage when negotiating with payers and assessing overall business performance.

EY - Brittany Stovall

Brittany Stovall
Assured Quality Systems
Arlington, TX
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Assured Quality Systems (AQS) is a third-party quality control and risk management company with operations in the US and Mexico. AQS employs elite in-house inspectors who execute a full range of services including containment, rework, sorting, launch and liaison support. AQS offers the unique combination of better service, faster response and quality people, enabling manufacturers to improve operational efficiency.