EY Tax Guide 2014

Life changes mean tax changes. We help you file with confidence.

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If you have a baby, buy or sell a house, get married, get divorced, or go back to school — these all mean changes to your tax situation. The EY Tax Guide 2014 can help you sort this out.

The online companion

Here, you will find updates to the tax guide for changes in tax laws that occur throughout the 2013 filing season (ending on October 15, 2014) including:

  • New tax legislation, regulations, IRS rulings, court cases and other developments
  • Extension of expired tax provisions
  • Planning ahead for 2014 and beyond

Drawing from the tax experience and knowledge base of EY professionals, the EY Tax Guide 2014 covers not only how to file your Federal return, but how to avoid errors and maximize your deductions.

Check back frequently as new tax developments are summarized and published on this site in our "Tax updates" section. Or, register to receive an email alert once new tax provisions have been posted. Either way, you can stay current on tax law changes that impact you.

Save on your taxes year-round

Our personal tax guide provides complete coverage for families, homeowners, investors, entrepreneurs, senior citizens and military personnel. It also includes:

  • Tax Savers – useful tips to reduce your taxes
  • Tax Alerts – pointers on new tax law changes and what they mean to you
  • Tax Planners – ideas to help you prepare for the upcoming year
  • Checklists of key tax breaks and deductions at the beginning of each chapter
  • Green tax breaks and incentives

Maximize your deductions and avoid errors

Drawing from the tax experience and knowledge base of EY professionals, the EY Tax Guide 2014 covers how to file your federal return, and also how to maximize your deductions and avoid errors including:

Tax deductions

Below are some samples from our list of 50 deductions to take into account when preparing your return:

  • Home and business
    • Cellular telephones
    • Costs associated with looking for a new job in your present occupation
  • Investments and rental property
    • Points on a home mortgage and refinancing
    • Mortgage prepayment penalties and late fees
  • Personal medical expenses
    • Contact lenses, eyeglasses and hearing devices
    • Hospital services fees (laboratory work, therapy, nursing services, surgery)

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