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Delivering value through strategic tax services

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Be proactive with your tax strategy

Exempt organizations face a regulatory environment unlike any other. Operating effectively while undergoing intense scrutiny from every angle — the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state regulators, boards and the public — is no easy feat.

Still, your organization must be comprehensive in analyzing the issues, complying with copious regulations and keeping track of developments in Washington — all while delivering world-class services to customers, communities and other stakeholders. In this environment, a proactive tax strategy is crucial to maintaining and supporting your tax-exempt status while fulfilling your mission.

Our Exempt Organizations Tax practice

Our trained professionals are strategic advisors for hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country. We are the only truly integrated national practice in the industry. That gives us — and you — distinct advantages:

  • A large pool of dedicated resources located in every large market in the country
  • One holistic tax approach, aligned with your mission and goals
  • Access to insights and perspectives from around the globe on every aspect of your business
  • Innovative technology tools to help your organization work better

Through our services, we can help you transform your tax department from a cost center into an enterprise strategic function.

Form 990 services

As tax rules and organizational structures become more complex, we’ll help you meet the filing requirements of federal, state and local governments easier and faster with our technology tools:

  • EY990online, our online tax compliance platform, helps you gather information concurrently from a variety of sources and departments.
  • Our conflicts of interest tool allows you to gather information electronically from executives, board members and other interested parties across entities and roles and to maintain documentation regarding responses and conclusions about disclosures.
  • Form 990-T services allow us to interact electronically to gather and analyze data and prepare Forms 990-T and other required disclosures.

Interacting with the IRS

Many of our exempt organizations professionals have worked within the IRS, including the IRS Exempt Organizations Division. This means they understand the IRS culture and know what it takes to get things done.

Proactively adding value

We team with our other tax groups to help you streamline your organization, save money, retain talent, and expand your national and global presence. We use the power of our entire Tax practice to help you:

  • Assess tax and reputational risks
  • Implement new regulatory requirements
  • Document tax positions
  • Manage the tax implications of transactions (e.g., joint ventures, M&A)
  • Implement large-scale mandates such as the Affordable Care Act