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Information Reporting and withholding

More complexity, exposure and risk for companies across the board 

With Congress and the Administration looking for ways to protect and add to revenues without raising taxes or expanding the tax base, regulators are focusing on information reporting and withholding (IR&W) as an effective tool to accomplish that goal and close the tax gap.

What are the implications to your business?

  • Increased reporting requirement 
  • Expanded range of risk and exposure

These changes are complex and impact the enterprise from operations and human resources to finance and accounting.

How we help your IR&W support across the business enterprise

Our Information Reporting and Withholding Center of Excellence brings together a multi-disciplined team of professionals to meet the needs of companies from initial assessments to controversy and remediation.

Our team of tax technical, business process and IT professionals can help effectively and efficiently implement, monitor and remediate IR&W issues across the business enterprise.

With the Center as the cornerstone to our approach, we can help companies like yours understand the demands of this new landscape, the investments required to meet them and the impact IR&W will have on the way you do business.

US IR&W compliance requirements and timeline 

EY - US IR&W compliance requirements and timeline

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For more information about our Information Reporting and Withholding Center of Excellence, please contact John McMahon, Americas Director of Information Reporting & Withholding.