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Family Office Advisory Services

Providing a holistic approach to legacy preservation

Family offices face challenges that distinguish them from other entities — challenges that, if not addressed, can reduce wealth, jeopardize family unity or derail the family’s legacy. Here are a few of the common challenges:

  • In a low-interest-rate environment, it is difficult to preserve and grow family wealth over generations. Professional management is needed.
  • The tax and regulatory environment varies throughout the world and is constantly shifting.
  • Cyberattacks, phishing schemes and other personal attacks can create financial losses or jeopardize secrecy and privacy.
  • General transitions and fractures in family cohesion threaten sustainability and continuity.
  • While 62% of family business owners have not chosen a successor, choosing a discrete successor is less important than having a succession plan.

Whether you are creating a family office, separating an office from the family business or enhancing an existing office, we deliver seamless advice and service through all phases of development and execution. And we do so with an emphasis on long-term sustainability and legacy preservation.

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