How do you know if financial wellness is paying off for you and your people?

Understanding the ROI of employee financial wellness

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Want to help your employees build and maintain their financial health through organizational and life changes? Financial wellness education and counseling programs help your benefits suite perform as designed and better serve your employees, regardless of company size. Plus, adding financial wellness services can help your company manage fiduciary risk and deliver positive ROI on your benefit programs.

83% of HR professionals say financial stress in employees negatively impacted work performance.

– The Society for Human Resource Management


The benefits of adding financial wellness to your lineup

EY -The benefits of adding financial wellness to your lineup

Research has shown that financial stress can be detrimental to productivity and business overall.

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The employee experience

Our approach guides employees as they learn to plan and manage the financial twists and turns along their life and career paths. We start by helping them build healthy financial habits to get them on a path to financial wellness that grows and adjusts as they move through life.

EY chart – Path to employee financial wellness