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Title Summary Date
TP Web™ TP Web™ is a powerful web-based tool designed for group-wide application.
20180523May 2018
EY ITS Engine EY’s ITS Engine Portfolio performs calculations related to key international tax changes. Users can model a current tax profile and future state planning scenarios with tax return information and certain summary level points, allowing users to perform dynamic, multiyear calculations (including foreign tax credit calculations) for both domestic and foreign operations to analyze the impact of potential changes.
20180401April 2018
International Tax Reform Engine Portfolio EY’s International Tax Services (ITS) Engine Portfolio allows users to perform dynamic, multiyear calculations for both domestic and foreign operations, to model current and future state planning scenarios.
20180301March 2018
Indirect taxes are evolving. Are you? Tax Insights examines the recent developments in indirect tax and the unique challenges they bring.
20180201February 2018
ITS Blueprint Companion Model ITS Companion Model was developed by EY to efficiently estimate a company's cash tax liability on offshore earnings based on specific facts.
20171101November 2017
Tax Insights: transformation and innovation With so much innovation happening, it’s a challenging and exciting time to be involved in tax. We explore the changes yet to come. 20161007October 2016
Tax Insights: BEPS and business operations See our latest edition to learn how the BEPS project transcends a rewrite of the global tax framework to become a business transformation issue. 20160607June 2016
Managing indirect taxes in the digital age As the digital economy challenges existing indirect tax rules, our comprehensive report offers insights for businesses operating successfully in this new tax environment. 20160507May 2016
Indirect Tax Briefing: global developments Gain insight on indirect tax developments around the world including the impacts, opportunities and obligations that are resulting from digitalization. 20160407April 2016
2016 Tax Policy Outlook We highlight government proposals for new legislation, an overview of global tax policy trends and individual countries’ policy developments. 20160323March 2016
EY Tax Executive Center We offer the tools, training and insights to help shape your tax agenda, strengthen your voice and enhance your value at the table. Discover how. 20162103March 2016
Tax Insights: the rising importance of tax talent See our latest edition to learn how leading companies are recruiting and developing tax talent, to understand how tax is being transformed worldwide and more. 20162902March 2016
Indirect tax developments in 2016 We highlight the significant volume and breadth of indirect tax changes across the globe, allowing you to consider their impact, potential opportunities and obligations. 20162902February 2016
Achieving digital tax confidence The digital economy is raising complex issues for taxation systems and creating new tax challenges. Is your enterprise prepared? 20150921September 2015
Insurance megatrends and tax 2015 As tax requirements and business models become more globalized, it will be critical for tax to be at the center of growth and efficiency decisions. 20150904September 2015
Banking transformation meets global tax agenda Four “megatrends”--interconnected global forces are transforming business, society, culture, economies and individuals. See why tax is in the front line of this change 20150904September 2015
Collaborative deployment: a key to global mobility Deploying staff internationally is becoming more complex. Can better collaboration with other teams and countries help lead to success? We explore the future of mobility. 20150701July 2015
Five questions on tax credits and business incentives As businesses evolve, they’re faced with decisions about where to locate, expand and invest. This article explores key issues executives should understand. 20150601June 2015
Tax Insights: Tax policy in developing economies From doing business in developing countries to managing tax controversy risks worldwide, our latest edition examines emerging tax policies and trends. 20150521May 2015
2014 employment tax year in review webcast Some important developments included legal decisions and the midterm elections in Ernst & Young LLP’s “2014 employment tax year in review” webcast. 20141118December 2014
Unemployment insurance claims management services Work with EY on improving critical performance variables through comprehensive education and monitoring of results through the employment lifecycle. 20141118November 2014
Managing operational tax risk: survey highlights Finding the right people, processes and technology to manage record-to-report risks is no easy task. To consider how, see our survey’s leading practices. 20140911September 2014
Indirect Tax Briefing: June 2014 Technology and globalization are having an impact on businesses’ indirect taxes. Discover how to proactively manage the challenges of the digital age. 20140630June 2014
Managing indirect tax in the digital age Multinational companies are handling large quantities of complex data about indirect taxes. We outline hands-on approaches that can help all that information. 20140403April 2014
TTC-EY Tax Reform Business Barometer EY’s survey, released in December 2013, shows that expectations of tax reform being enacted in 2014 continues to fall. Discover why. 20131201December 2013
2013 US investment monitor Companies announced $168 billion of mobile capital investment and the creation of 350,200 jobs. Find out which states attracted the most investment. 20130701July 2013
Managing indirect taxes in the supply chain Effective management of indirect taxes, grants and incentives is essential to support growth and reduce the costs and risks of doing business internationally. 20120501May 2012
Evaluating the effectiveness of state film tax credit programs Our report discusses issues that need to be considered and alternative approaches used when evaluating state film credit programs. 20120501May 2012
Indirect Tax in 2012 Indirect taxes continue to grow at a record pace as governments everywhere search for the most growth-friendly ways to raise revenue. Learn what 2012 may bring in our new global report. 20120401April 2012
Tax policy and controversy outlooks for 2012 The pace of tax policy change, legislative and regulatory, continues to accelerate globally. Our regional reports provide you with clarity about the shifting tax landscape. 20120301March 2012
Seizing opportunity in Global Compliance & Reporting Don't allow your GCR processes to perform at yesterday's standards. Our survey results show the need to formalize plans for improving GCR for the future. 20110701July 2011
Europe's CCCTB proposals The proposal for a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) will create winners and losers. Access all our materials related to the CCCTB proposals. 20110701July 2011
Tax Policy and Controversy Quarterly Briefing - February 2011 No matter what your industry or location, tax policy and tax enforcement affect you. This issue explains emerging tax issues on a global and local scale, from China to the US and everywhere in between. 20110201February 2011
Research incentives in the new tax landscape R&D is a long acknowledged driver of economic prosperity and competitiveness, and the prevalent view is that more private investment in R&D will yield significant social benefit. 20100901September 2010