What is EY Interact?

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How EY Interact Works

EY Interact provides integrated access to a broad menu of tax-related content and information, from relevant news and thought leadership to the real-time ability to track a project’s status.

EY Interact – a resource for tax-related content and information

EY Interact – a resource for tax related content and information

EY Interact is a portal available 24/7 providing clear and concise access to all EY tax engagements, work products with status, EY tax alerts, thought leadership and other tools that allow you to see what’s important to you and your team.

EY Interact’s responsive design gives you a consistent experience across desktops and tablets, including easy access to common functions and the most-used tools so you can connect with your EY teams wherever you are.

The portal provides detailed insights into your ongoing EY projects and minimizes the time you need to invest in monitoring engagements, while improving collaboration and communication with your EY team.

For example, EY Interact not only enables teams to share documents, but also lets them review the current status reports and deliver real-time feedback. This can represent a tremendous boost to collaboration, significantly reducing the potential of missing key documents as they pass each other in email transit.


To learn more about how EY Interact can help you, please contact eyinteract@ey.com.