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Other Administration initiatives

The Administration is advancing policy priorities in a number of areas that could have significant business implications. Learn about recent Administration initiatives that could affect future business and tax decisions.


Health care

EY - Affordable Care Act

Medical Device Excise Tax suspended until 2020
A provision in the continuing resolution signed by President Trump extends through 2019 the moratorium on the 2.3% excise tax imposed on the sale of medical devices, retroactive to sales made after December 31, 2017.



EY - Working better - Infrastructure

President Trump submits infrastructure framework
In his transmittal message, the President urges Congress to act soon on infrastructure legislation.

Working better: Infrastructure
Read about the current state of US infrastructure and the key questions to ask about any potential new federal program.

EY’s quick guide to the infrastructure debate
Modernizing US infrastructure is a top agenda item and key focus area for the Trump Administration.



 EY - TradeWatch - Dec 2017

EY’s TradeWatch spotlights global trade policy
The March 2018 edition highlights recent US trade developments as well as trade issues around the globe.

NAFTA's latest round of negotiations conclude with signs of slow progress
USTR Robert Lighthizer noted that progress seems to be moving slowly, in part due to the trilateral nature of the negotiations.

Mexican Ministry of Economy creates new website to facilitate NAFTA modernization public comment process in preparation for renegotiation
Mexico’s Ministry of Economy announced a new website that will serve as the mechanism for public comments on the NAFTA modernization.


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