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Other key tax policy issues affecting US multinationals

Learn about developments that could affect US multinationals’ business and tax decisions.



EY - TradeWatch - Dec 2017

CBO's Budget and Economic Outlook indicates recent changes in trade policy may contribute to lower US economic growth
The Congressional Budget Office has analyzed how recent changes in trade policy could affect US economic performance over the next decade.

This Week in Trade
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Tax take 3: The economics of trade deficits
Watch this video featuring James Mackie, Executive Director of EY’s QUEST practice, as he discusses the causes and ramifications of trade deficits.

EY trade services
Learn more about the ongoing trade dispute and how EY can help.

How industries can respond to the shifting US tariff policy
Executives need to understand the potential impact now and prepare their businesses.


Taxation of the digital economy – and beyond

EY - Taxation of the digital economy

OECD addresses taxation of digital economy
The OECD calls for addressing the issue in part through an inclusion rule that could resemble the US global intangible low-taxed income enacted under the TCJA, but could be more like a minimum tax on foreign-source earnings.

Scope of US involvement and input into the OECD discussion on international taxation beyond digital
A US treasury official spoke at a meeting of the DC Bar, outlining the involvement of the United States in discussions to date.

Spain sends bill on Digital Services Tax to Parliament for approval
Its main features are similar to the DST proposed by the European Commission, with a rate of 3% imposed on gross income derived from certain digital services for which user participation is essential for creating value.

UK proposes Digital Services Tax
The UK is one of a number of countries that is considering the need for reform of corporate tax rules to ensure the tax system addresses digital businesses.


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