How we can help you

Today’s rapidly changing environment requires making better and more informed decisions faster. We help you achieve your full potential and foster growth – at speed and when you need us most. We do this through strategic advice, tailored financial analysis and modeling, deep operational capabilities, broad commercial insights and prudent tax strategies.



Enabling fast-track growth and portfolio strategies that help you realize your full potential for a better future

From market viability assessments to investment strategies to portfolio optimization, we help our clients drive profitable growth. Our globally integrated corporate strategy capabilities help business leaders identify new market and product opportunities, better understand current and future customer bases and uncover unforeseen risks and rewards.

As experienced advisors to the C-suite, we help you answer:

  • How can I seize growth opportunities and competitive advantage?
  • How can I better anticipate and adapt to digital transformation?
  • How will my strategy help realize full potential to foster inclusive growth?
  • How can I win the competition for capital?
  • What are the appropriate revenue and profitability targets for the business to achieve its full potential?
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Corporate finance

Supporting better decisions around financing and funding capital expansion and optimizing capital efficiency

We help corporates, private equity, governments, sovereign wealth funds, private and family businesses, and educational institutions with all their key investment decisions. From raising capital to fund large infrastructure projects to increasing value for shareholders, we have the people, analytics and tools to help our clients better allocate their capital.

As experienced advisors to the C-suite we help you answer:

  • How can I increase investor confidence?
  • How do I best fund my capital investment decisions
  • How can my investment and tax strategy help futureproof my business?
  • How do I raise funds to support largescale infrastructure projects?

Buy and integrate

Enabling strategic growth through better integrated and operationalized acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances

We help business leaders identify the right asset to buy and integrate at the right price and at the right time to fully realize the value of the transaction. Whether full acquisition, joint venture or alliance, we work with business leaders to quickly deliver an effective and efficient new or integrated entity.

As experienced advisors to the C-suite we help you answer:

  • How can I raise the capital to buy what I need to meet my growth strategy?
  • How can advanced analytics help me identify the right assets to buy to preserve competitive advantage?
  • What integration strategies should I implement to realize the most value of the acquisition?
  • How should I integrate and operate to maximize value and meet transaction objectives?

Sell and separate

Enabling strategic portfolio management and better divestments that help you improve value from a sale and from stand-alone businesses

Our strategic portfolio management advice helps you decide what and when to monetize. Our divestiture services help deliver full value from a divestiture, whether you are a corporate or a private equity fund, as we help you limit disruption, manage remaining cost structures and allow you to focus on future growth. We execute across the entire divestiture life cycle, including strategy, separation and stabilization upon deal closing. We enable management to craft the value story and deal model, market to buyers, optimize tax attributes to buyer and seller, prepare carve-out financials and develop operational separation plans.

As experienced advisors to the C-suite, we help you answer:

  • What should I sell to reposition my business in the market?
  • How can I sell assets at optimal prices?
  • How can I optimize my divestment strategy to raise capital for future investments?
  • How can I sell non-core assets to preserve capital and help digitally transform my business?

Reshaping results

Helping you transform or restructure your organization for a better future by enabling business critical and capital investment decisions

Whether a market leader or in a stressed situation, we help you when you need us most, in an accelerated timescale to help achieve fast results.

As experienced advisors to the C-suite, we help you answer:

  • When is the right time to reshape my organization and how do I deliver the transformation?
  • How should I operationally restructure to digitally transform my business?
  • How can I restructure and reshape results to optimize my capital position and release cash?
  • When should I reshape my business to preserve capital?
  • How do I strengthen my liquidity and working capital management to improve the perception of my business, create cash flow or improve operational and financial performance?
  • How can I bring pace, build confidence and develop a clear focus on execution to achieve a successful restructuring?
  • When I face an operational challenge, how should I identify the issues, stabilize the business and provide tangible results quickly?
  • How do I work with our stakeholders to preserve, create and realize value?
  • How should I reshape and simplify my corporate structure to unlock the financial and non-financial benefits?
  • How do I avoid tax leakage?