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What is the trend for chemicals M&A: up, down or neither? Deal volume strong and more consolidation coming, spurred by low-cost financing, restructuring, divestments. 20180524July 2018
US highlights | Global Capital Confidence Barometer 18th edition Businesses are reshaping for a better tomorrow through portfolio transformation. 20180424April 2018
Energy: more than just an operating expense? Find out why strategic energy management is becoming integral to manufacturing success. 20180301March 2018
US Highlights, Global Capital Confidence Barometer 17th edition In our 17th edition, our US report reveals what defines M&A success. 20171101November 2017
Are your M&A integration strategies in need of a boost? With business model disruption across industries, integrating acquisitions has never been more complicated. Read the top five areas companies should focus on. 20171101November 2017
Scaling new heightsM&A integration in financial services After two strong years for M&A activity in financial services, the pressure is on acquirers to prove they can secure value from the transactions they pursued.. 20171101November 2017
Divestment study 2017: A spotlight on Asia-Pacific More than one-third of all regional firms report plans to divest within the next two years, up from just 15% in 2014. 20170508May 2017
Global Capital Confidence Barometer: April 2017 Despite policy uncertainties, companies are giving the green light to deals in the search for growth. 20170501April 2017
US highlights - Global Capital Confidence Barometer: April 2017 Despite greater macro tumult than ever before, US executives are solidly optimistic,showing a meaningful increase in new deal activity since the start of 2017. 20170501April 2017
Industrials Divestment Study 2017 Industrials companies turn to divestments to enhance portfolio performance 20170501April 2017
Consumer Products and Retail Divestment Study 2017 Bold moves will drive sustainable growth in Consumer Products and Retail 20170501April 2017
Media and Entertainment Divestment Study 2017 Market disruption driving M&E divestments 20170501April 2017
Private Equity Divestment Study 2017 What’s the best exit strategy in disrupted markets? Learn why and how PE funds must rigorously prepare for divestments. 20170316March 2017
Life Sciences Divestment Study 2017 Divestments are now firmly ensconced in the minds of C-suite executives across all life sciences subsectors, geographies and company sizes. See why. 20170313March 2017
Financial Services Divestment Study 2017 After years of restructuring prompted by regulatory reform, the financial services sector is prepared to deal with disruption from the ground up. 20170313March 2017
Technology Divestment Study 2017 Digital transformation is influencing technology divestments. Learn why tech companies should engage in divesting to stay ahead of the next wave of disruptors. 20170308March 2017
Global Corporate Divestment Study 2017 The EY Global Corporate Divestment Study focuses on how companies should approach portfolio strategy, improve divestment execution and future-proof their remaining business amid massive market disruptions. 20170201February 2017
Talented women in transactions Share in the journey, stories, insights and advice of inspiring women around the world. 20161001February 2017
Does selling your business add up? Tailoring your financial information to the needs of different buyers could help you increase deal value. Discover how. 20161001January 2017
Is collaboration the new innovation There has been a revolution in how companies create value—from business processes, marketing, and governance—and, especially, their approach to innovation. 20161001December 2016
15th Global Capital Confidence Barometer with US highlights M&A and alliances are in the spotlight as companies seek innovation to redefine their strategy. Learn more. 20161001October 2016
Transaction Analytics Transaction analytics helps provide better answers to complex capital strategy questions 20160901September 2016
Asia is it time to refocus However logical it may have been a decade or so ago, pursuing a land-grab strategy no longer makes sense for multinationals seeking profit in Asia. 20160801August 2016
EY Multiple: European private equity watch The PE deal market has started 2016 slowly, as a combination of volatile capital markets, low oil prices... 20161001July 2016
Digital Deal Economy Study 2016 Enabling a digital future requires smart capital strategy. 20160701July 2016
Are you ready for the futures? Stress-testing today's capital agenda with tomorrow's scenarios 20160401April 2016
Global Capital Confidence Barometer with US highlights Our latest Global Capital Confidence Barometer continues to find a strong acquisition appetite together with a growing inclination to forge new alliances. 20160401April 2016
Global Capital Confidence Barometer Our latest Global Capital Confidence Barometer continues to find a strong acquisition appetite together with a growing inclination to forge new alliances. Prolonged economic challenges are driving investment decisions, leading companies to ally and cooperate to generate growth as well as compete and acquire to gain market share. 20160401April 2016
EY Capital Insights Magazine: Q4 2015 Cybersecurity is a top priority for many companies, and the new issue of Capital Insights explores this critical business issue. 20160101January 2016
Global Corporate Divestment Study 2016 How can you generate a higher price for your divestment? Corporates can benefit from private equity expertise – learn about divestment strategy and execution leading practices. 20160101January 2016
Global Capital Confidence Barometer: October 2015 Our 13th Global Capital Confidence Barometer finds companies pursuing M&A deals at a rate not seen this decade. 20150426October 2015
EY Capital Insights Magazine: Q3 2015 Ken Goldman, CFO of Yahoo, speaks to Capital Insights about how he plans to get the company back to the top of its industry. 20150901September 2015
EY Capital Insights Magazine: Q2 2015 Deutsche Telekom CFO Thomas Dannenfeldt on transformation, creating a new legacy and the battle for top spot. 20150401April 2015
Global Capital Confidence Barometer: April 2015 Access highlights from our global Capital Confidence Barometer to learn what is defining the market. 20150426April 2015
Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Are you considering divesting assets? If not, you should be. Our global study explains why. 20150318March 2015
Consumer products report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 55% of consumer products companies say that a strategic shift toward higher-growth and higher-margin brands is a key divestment driver. Read more about portfolio optimization and strategies to improve divestment speed and value. 20150318March 2015
Diversified industrials report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Few diversified industrials companies have sufficiently institutionalized the portfolio review process. 67% say their reviews should be more regular to be effective. Read more about optimizing your portfolio and divesting successfully. 20150318March 2015
Financial services report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Regulatory change is accelerating divestment activity. 69% of financial services executives expect more strategic sellers to come to market over the next 12 months. Read about strategies to increase divestment speed and value. 20150318March 2015
Life sciences report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 62% of life sciences companies would divest a business due to an unfavorable economic climate caused by regulatory or reimbursement changes. Read about how to optimize your portfolio and divest successfully. 20150318March 2015
Oil and gas report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Volatile oil prices are leading companies to re-evaluate their portfolio. 59% of oil and gas companies say their recent divestment was triggered by the unit’s weak competitive position. EY’s study outlines key strategies for divesting successfully. 20150318March 2015
Technology report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 56% of executives expect the number of strategic sellers increase this year. EY’s study focuses on how technology companies can optimize their portfolio in order to be innovative and flexible. 20150318March 2015
Global Corporate Development Study 2015 Can corporate development drive strategy and deliver growth? Find out in our 2015 Corporate Development Study. 20150208February 2015
Roadmap to carve-out sale success 2015 Read about the critical steps to get a deal signed in six months or less. 20150208February 2015

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