Transaction Advisory Services

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Transaction Diligence

Companies looking for local and global deals face strong competition for quality assets and stakeholder scrutiny regarding acquisitions. M&A success starts with comprehensive diligence — it is the only way to understand if the deal is the right decision at the right price. We offer insight into a target company’s competitive positioning, product mix, operations, customer relationships and future outlook.

Using both historical data and predictive and social media analytics, we help companies focus on deal drivers that pose the most investment risk or opportunity for return.

Deal value drivers

How we can help

Commercial/strategic priorities
  • Commercial, market, and business diligence
  • Evaluation of target’s revenue forecasts, based on social media and other predictive analytics
Financial risk
  • Quality of earnings analysis
  • Quality of balance sheet analysis
  • Forecast analysis
  • Operational improvements analysis
  • Carve-out/integration analysis and planning
  • Working capital analysis
  • Change-management services
  • Business modeling
  • Back-office cost analysis
  • Asset/facility rationalization analysis
  • Advice on tax structure and related risks
  • Assessment of compliance with FCPA, ERISA, SEC and other regulations
Financial statement impact
  • Accounting policy and purchase accounting analysis

EY’s value bridge quantifies deal drivers and priorities diligence efforts based on potential risk and return