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Islamic finance refers to a commercial system guided by the principles of Shari’ah, or Islamic law. These principles emphasise moral and ethical values in all transactions, and as such have universal appeal.

A few key principles which underpin an Islamic economic system include:

  • Prohibition of interest, excessive uncertainty and gambling
  • Preclusion of investment in particular industries within the food and beverage sector; including entertainment, tobacco, pornography, arms manufacturing and conventional finance
  • All transactions should be supported by productive economic activity
  • Risks and rewards should be shared between all participants

The Islamic finance industry is the fastest growing segment within financial services, with annual growth of at least 20% over the past few years.

Islamic finance is an alternative to conventional finance and offers enormous potential in supporting inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

  • Why Us?

    As a leading advisory services organization, EY is building a better working world by cultivating opportunities for Africa.

    We have the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mind-set at the heart of our service offerings and our global network of professionals can advise you on all your Islamic finance needs.

    With an array of accolades in Islamic finance services, our pragmatic approach allows us to deliver quality output in the most efficient manner.

    EY is committed to making a difference. Let us show you how.

  • How can we help you?

    Our wide range of services includes advisory and transaction support in:

    •  Islamic Banking
    •  Asset Management
    • Takaful (Islamic alternative to conventional insurance)
    • Sukuk (Islamic alternative to conventional bonds)
    • Accounting and Reporting
    • Corporate Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Shari’ah Compliance, Audit and Governance
    • Product Structuring and Development
    • Shari’ah Complaint Corporate Restructuring Solutions
    • Taxation
    • Regulatory
    • Treasury and Money Market Solutions
    • Training and Development