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Oil and gas advisory services

Our services for companies in the oil and gas industry are focused on performance improvement and risk management.

Performance improvement

Finance: Our finance professionals help oil and gas companies identify and actively monitor the key drivers of business performance. They assess and improve the overall financial and management reporting to provide client leadership teams with the information they need to direct the business in the most cost-effective manner. Because of the global nature of the industry, our team also possesses key insights into the most recent advancements in providing shared support services, as well as experience across the value chain of major capital projects.

Customer: Our customer professionals tend to be focused on the downstream segment of the oil and gas industry, where they help companies define, identify and manage their most valuable customers. They work with clients to build and deploy robust operating models to efficiently capture market share in competitive markets.

Supply chain and operations: Our supply chain and operations professionals provide insights into supply chain improvements by addressing critical areas for oil and gas companies, such as procurement, logistics, engineering, field operations, manufacturing and distribution. This team focuses on helping clients run their end-to-end supply chains and operations effectively and efficiently in order to improve cash flow and profitability.

Information technology advisory and risk

Our information technology professionals are skilled at enabling key business and operations improvements through the effective deployment of information technology. We help IT measure, enable and improve IT effectiveness to increase the overall return on investment. These services include demand management, application and infrastructure optimization and consolidation and solution architecture, and IT security services.


Program management: Effective risk management isn’t just about protecting a business — it’s also about making it better. We do this by helping companies in the industry understand their business risks and develop plans to accept, manage or capitalize on them. Our risk management services are focused on assessments (assessing risk potential and processes), improvement (designing and assisting with implementation of improvements to achieve business objectives) and monitoring (evaluating whether processes, initiatives and functions are operating as expected). We also work with oil and gas clients to design and carry out effective internal audit programs.

People and organizational change: Our people and organization professionals are skilled at designing and supporting the execution of key change management approaches in order to support oil and gas client leadership teams in carrying out major initiatives. Our team members draw upon their knowledge of market-leading practices to help clients across all areas of human resource management, including employee performance, talent management, succession planning and organizational design.

Strategic direction: Our strategic direction professionals understand business operations and use their knowledge of operational requirements to support clients in defining and developing their strategic vision. They focus on translating corporate strategy into operational strategy, for either the client’s entire organization or certain functions within it.

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