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Today, we are able to navigate through the complexity that our clients are experiencing across the geographies. We do this through our Africa Business Center™.

Its sole purpose is to help clients make their investment and expansion decisions in Africa. Our Africa integration benefits our clients through a network of people across Africa and the rest of the world, enabling us to coordinate our resources to provide clients with a single point of contact. Our pre-eminent thought leadership and events such as the Africa attractiveness survey, the Strategic Growth Forum Africa and the Africa Tax Conference helps connect business and provide insights. We also have proven methodology for supporting the development of growth strategies for Africa.

Strategy Execution

EY - Navigating Africa’s current uncertaintiesAfrica attractiveness program 2016, Staying the course
Despite a relative slow down, Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Read more.

EY - Navigating Africa’s current uncertaintiesNavigating Africa’s current uncertainties
Despite current uncertainties regarding growth prospects in many African economies, it is our view that the longer-term outlook for economic growth and investment in Africa remains positive.

EY - Africa: despite headwinds, growth continues Africa: despite headwinds, growth continues
Sub-Saharan Africa continues to record rising investment levels and a strong increase in FDI.

Unlocking value in EY AfricaUnlocking value in Africa
In the current global economic context, it would be difficult to find an alternative investment destination that offers 10 to15 years of sustained economic growth.

EY - Attractiveness survey Africa 2015 - Making choicesAfrica attractiveness survey – Focus on Americas
In many respects, the rebuilding of American interest in Africa bears testimony to the strong fundamentals at play in the continent.

EY - Africa 2030Africa 2030
Africa 2030: Realizing the possibilities builds on EY’s flagship Africa attractiveness series, reinforcing the tremendous progress that has been made in Africa over the past 15 years.

EY - Africa by Numbers: a focus on NigeriaAfrica by Numbers: a focus on Nigeria
Nigeria continues its robust and sustained economic growth.

EY Survey: growing war for talent in AfricaEY Survey: growing war for talent in Africa
A growing war for talent is emerging in Africa, as firms are recruiting to support their growth ambitions on the continent.

EY - Harvesting growth: the rise of private equity exits in EY AfricaHarvesting growth: the rise of private equity exits in Africa
Africa’s economic development over the last few years has been impressive, with many countries across the continent starting to see the benefits of government and economic reforms and increased FDI flows.

EY - Africa by numbersAfrica by numbers
Whether entering into or expanding across Africa, we believe it is critical to develop a structured analytical framework for prioritising markets into which to expand and for assessing different strategic options.