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Cyber threats will continue to multiply. The advent of the digital world, and the inherent connectivity of people, devices and organizations, opens up a whole new playing field of vulnerabilities.

Cyber risks are growing and are changing rapidly. Every day, hackers are working on new techniques for getting through the security of organizations, including yours.

They are doing this so that they can cause damage, access sensitive data and steal intellectual property. As old sources of cyber threat fade, new sources will emerge to take their place.

Anticipating cyber attacks is the only way to be ahead of cyber criminals.

To get cybersecurity right, the first step is to Activate and get the foundations right.

EY - Getting ahead with cybersecurity

Once the foundation has been mastered, the next stage is to Adapt your cybersecurity to be more dynamic, better aligned, and integrated into key business processes.

And then comes the real opportunity: the chance to Anticipate and get ahead of cybercrime.

In the meantime, there is a rapidly expanding threat landscape, the power of cyber criminals is growing, and organizations are still struggling with a number of roadblocks.

See our 2014 Global Information Security Survey to find out how to get ahead – and find out how EY can help.