Three steps to building a better automation strategy

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The future workplace: How to automate intelligently 29 Oct 2018
Man tractor touchscreen technology

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EY integrates the EY Asia-Pacific and EY Japan geographic areas

HONG KONG, 1 NOVEMBER 2018. EY today announces the integration of the existing EY Asia-Pacific and EY Japan geographic areas to reflect the globally connected nature of today’s business environment and the increasing inter-Asia regional trade opportunities for organizations across Asia-Pacific.

1 Nov 2018 Yvonne Díaz

EY launches the world’s first secure private transactions over the Ethereum public blockchain

LONDON, 30 OCTOBER 2018. EY today announced the launch of EY Ops Chain Public Edition (PE) prototype, the world’s first implementation of zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology on the public Ethereum blockchain.

30 Oct 2018 Aparna Sankaran


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