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CIO Survey: will you set the GenAI agenda or follow the leaders?

The 2024 survey provides insights on how CIOs need to address challenges to capture the full benefits of emerging technologies.

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How a flexible supply chain raised the bar for the beverage industry

The client’s goal: better accommodate future growth, predict customer demands, and add agility to inventory and production lines.

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How can your business go from competitive to cutting edge?

Discover how the EY-Microsoft Alliance helps clients innovate beyond the competition.

Our commitment to audit quality

We embrace our responsibility as independent auditors to perform high-quality audits that promote trust and confidence in the capital markets. 

Our commitment to audit quality

Should CEOs double-down on business transformation in the face of uncertainty?

The CEO Outlook Pulse - January 2024 

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Learn how companies can ensure privacy, transparency and accountability as they implement AI. This video features Samta Kapoor, EY Americas Energy AI and Trusted AI Leader.

Join Mitch Berlin, EY Americas Vice Chair, Strategy and Transactions, as he discusses how AI can unlock value in M&A transactions.

Bruno Sarda, EY Principal, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, and Mary de Wysocki, VP, Chief Sustainability Officer at Cisco, discuss how companies can turn their climate ambitions into action while delivering ROI.

Tom Edwards, Managing Director, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP, shares tangible examples of how businesses are using AI to create value and transform the way business operates.