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3 steps to predict new TMT customer patterns beyond the numbers

Adapt your consumer data in the marketplace to improve customer experience and drive innovation

24 Apr 2024 Traci Gusher

Top 10 Opportunities for Technology Companies in 2024

Technology companies have plenty of opportunities to act upon in 2024, despite a challenging macro environment. Here are the top 10.

07 Dec 2023 Ken Englund + 4

Five “no regret” actions for TMT companies to unlock generative AI’s potential

Learn how Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecom companies can create value with generative AI.

30 Nov 2023 Adrian Baschnonga + 4

Is the digital home immune to the cost-of-living crisis?

Despite financial pressures, few households are economizing on digital home services. Read more.

14 Sep 2023 Adrian Baschnonga + 1

Four ways to turbocharge your company’s platform strategy

Companies in the tech sector are transforming their businesses and leading the way in accelerating the platform economy. Learn more.

14 Jun 2023 Ken Englund + 7

If every company is becoming a tech company, how will your business stand out? 

Tech companies must make bold decisions to shape the NextWave of Technology.

11 Dec 2022 Greg Cudahy

How TMT companies are preparing for reinvention

TMT sectors need to adapt for the next wave of change in a world where products and markets may not yet exist.

11 Dec 2022 Greg Cudahy

When customers change how they buy, should you change the way you sell?

Over 90% of companies have some revenues generated from XaaS models, driven by competitive pressures and market changes into new revenue streams. Learn more.

26 Oct 2022 Michael Kanazawa + 2

How do you stay on course when the direction keeps changing?

Learn what technology companies need to do to create an agile operating model in today’s unpredictable world.

25 Jul 2022 Channing Flynn + 2

Using technology to control spending risk in a fast-moving environment

EY is helping Microsoft to modernize and reinvent its compliance risk management across its global footprint. Learn more in this case study.

29 Jun 2022 Greg Cudahy + 3

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