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From retail strategy to operational execution, we help retailers fortify their businesses, strengthening the readiness, resilience and relevance needed for whatever disruptions that lie ahead.

To thrive in the decades ahead, retailers need to fortify their foundations in the face of ever-changing consumer and market dynamics. We help orchestrate relevant, connected and continuous consumer journeys. We help balance the scales of supply and demand. We understand shopping vs. buying. We have the consumer insights. We are at the cornerstone of creating trust in consumer data and technology. We shape retail strategy and operations. We know the enduring drivers of enterprise value. Through data, merchandising, customer loyalty and experience, we help fortify a new roadmap for sustainable, profitable growth in retail.

From stockroom to boardroom: combating the $100 billion retail shrink crisis

To regain control of the rapidly increasing impact of shrink, retailers must diagnose and then remedy each of its sources, extending far beyond shoplifting

26 Feb 2024 EY Americas

Future Consumer Index: Fading allure of AI, experiences & store brands

Consumer preference for AI, experiences and store brands is declining. Have they lost interest, or are retailers and brands not living up to expectations?

23 Feb 2024 Kathy Gramling

How consumer affordability, loyalty and trust were redefined in the age of AI

Consumers have redefined affordability, loyalty and trust in the age of AI. Find out how retailers and brands can navigate these shifts.

21 Jul 2023 Kathy Gramling

    With every passing millisecond, new data about billions of consumers is generated. We help retailers make sense of and derive value from that consumer data. We approach it as a virtuous cycle, where insights from the shopping and buying experience are applied to the business, then back into the experience, again and again. Every insight is germane and relevant to the next, lowering cost to acquire while increasing customer lifetime value. From insight to value, it’s consumer data, fortified.

    Zero-party: The next frontier in consumer data

    Zero-party data helps businesses get the information they need to enhance the customer experience while respecting consumers’ privacy rights. Read more.

    04 Aug 2023 John Dubois + 1

    Why data value exchange is important to retailers and brands

    Working together, retailers and brands can create a holistic data ecosystem to create new, meaningful consumer connections.

    12 Jun 2023 John Dubois + 1

    Why consumer data is the foundation to the consumer experience

    Data is an opportunity for retailers and brands to deepen their relationships with their consumers. Learn more.

    16 Aug 2021 Jeff Orschell + 2

      Retailers are only as successful as their ability to curate, source, stock and deliver what consumers want, when they want it. We help retailers unlock agile merchandising that brings the right products to the right places. From product visibility to inventory agility, it’s merchandising, fortified.

      How supply chains benefit from using generative AI

      What was once unimaginable is now possible with generative AI in real-life scenarios throughout the entire supply chain. Learn more.

      27 Jul 2023 Sumit Dutta + 1

        To go beyond transactions, retailers must orchestrate the right conversations, using consumer data and MarTech effectively to show they know consumers. We help power the ongoing connections and personalization needed to increase customer lifetime value. From touch points to trust points, it’s customer loyalty, fortified.

        Accelerating customer loyalty: leveraging trust, technology and data

        Learn how companies can gain customer loyalty and trust through data insights.

        30 Nov 2023 Patricia Camden + 1

        7 ways to unleash value and drive growth from your MarTech and teams

        Drive growth and value from your existing MarTech with these 7 considerations. Learn more.

        12 Sep 2023 Steven Bailey

        When consumer data drives, retailers and brands win

        Connected data is key for retailers and CPG to create consumer experience and lasting value. Focus on three areas to get started.

        31 May 2023 Tony Ward

          Where consumers interact with a retailer continues to expand. Today it’s stores and digital commerce; tomorrow it could be anywhere. We help retailers rethink commerce strategies and operations, maximizing channel purpose, space and footprint to orchestrate continuous journeys ready for any established or emerging channels. From omnichannel to omniready, it’s experience, fortified.

          Do you need a new digital path to reach the new digital customer?

          Customers are changing faster than enterprises can track them. Organizations need to become more data-centric to catch up. Learn more.

          25 Apr 2023 Jim Little + 2

          How to drive profitable growth via D2C

          Active M&A can help consumer products companies gain a competitive advantage and bolster their digital offerings and tools.

          29 Oct 2021 Anish Koshy + 1

            Retail Industry case studies

            • Consumer experience


              Creating customized omnichannel experiences to address customer demands and market trends


              • Employ technology as a differentiator
              • Create unified commerce platforms
              • Blend technology and people
              • Leverage data to enhance customer interactions
              Wawa convenience stores and gas stations
              ▉ The challenge

              How to innovate with technology to create personalized customer interactions while maintaining a commitment to convenience and personal connection.

              ▉ The solution

              Understand consumer data to drive a digital transformation that connects the end-to-end customer ecosystem to create a world-class multichannel environment – offering automation and personalization.

              ▉ The outcome

              A unified commerce strategy that supported associates to deliver even greater customer service, enhanced consumer experiences and fulfillment of Wawa’s company purpose.

              Read the full case study

            Retail convergence trends

            The recent boom in retail media networks is just one example of the convergence taking place across the retail and technology industries. Isaac Krakovsky and Nuno Leal talk about the role of direct-to-consumer, and how retailers and tech players can crack the convergence code leveraging data.

            Consumer in practice: Actioning CPG and retail transformation

            Our Consumer in practice playbook series offers practical insights and actionable steps to help CPG and retail leaders address a host of top-of-mind issues, navigate disruption and position themselves for both success today and growth tomorrow.

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            Future Consumer Insights

            COVID-19 has transformed the lives of consumers. What do they value? What will it take to serve them? How will your business adapt?

            How shaping consumer experience can optimize growth

            An experience-led consumer journey goes beyond selling, e-commerce and omnichannel. It adapts to a world where every journey is different.

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