Corporate and growth strategy

EY-Parthenon teams help develop and deliver strategic opportunities for clients by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insight — incorporating financial, operational and implementation perspectives across their entire organization.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

EY-Parthenon teams can help business leaders and CEOs answer the following questions:

  • What is your full-potential value and are you realizing long-term value?
  • What growth opportunities exist in your core business?
  • Is now the time to evaluate, prioritize and pursue adjacencies to optimize growth?
  • In this time of volatility, are there transformational growth opportunities you should be considering, including both organic and inorganic paths?
  • What is your business strategy in the digital world?
  • Are you leveraging the transformative power of ecosystem business models?
  • What are the right channels for your product or service, and what’s the best way to get into those channels?
  • How well do you understand your customer’s needs and priorities, and what are you doing to address them?
  • Are you getting the optimal return on investment (ROI) for your sales and marketing spend?

The corporate and growth strategy EY-Parthenon professionals have experience in the following areas:

CEO of Discovery Limited on balancing innovation with capital strength

“A business works with deep conviction, great people, and the right capital base.” Learn from CEO Adrian Gore on how to grow.

CEO of DHL Express Europe on strategy and culture

“I'm like the conductor of an orchestra.” Learn how CEO Alberto Nobis approaches his role.

CEO of McLaren Racing on leadership strategys

“A racing driver understands when to lead, when to follow.” Learn from CEO Zak Brown about similarities between CEO and a racing driver.

The team

Chris Librizzi

EY-Parthenon Americas Strategy Leader
Focused on what it takes for our work to drive lasting change. Believer in the power of diverse and inclusive cultures. Advisor to education leaders reshaping their organizations. Husband and father.
New York, USA

Susan Lee

EY-Parthenon Americas Commercial Strategy Leader
Working mother. High-performing team builder. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advocate. Helps companies and people transform and grow.
Boston, USA

Juan Uro

EY-Parthenon Principal, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP
Experienced strategy, transaction and transformation advisor and operator. Board member. Husband, father of two.
New York, USA

Gaurav Malhotra

EY Americas Reshaping Results & EY US Restructuring Leader
Experienced turnaround and restructuring advisor serving a variety of sectors. Loves to navigate clients through a challenge. Family man who enjoys the outdoors and is still trying to break 90.
Chicago, USA

Arda Ural, PhD

EY Americas Life Sciences Sector Leader
Co-author of numerous whitepapers and a frequent speaker about biopharmaceutical strategy at industry conferences. Married father of two.
New York, USA

Amiya Setu

EY-Parthenon Principal, Ernst & Young LLP
M&A advisor to large corporations and PE firms. Passionate about generating stakeholder value and helping clients achieve sustainable success. College football enthusiast.
Dallas, USA

Matt Bartell

EY-Parthenon Americas Deal Technology Leader
Decades of experience in technology and management consulting. Passion for helping clients with complex global transactions.
New York, USA

Kasia Lundy

EY-Parthenon Principal, US Higher Education, Ernst & Young LLP
Strategist. Education industry thought leader. Wife. Mother.
Boston, USA

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