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Can oil and gas companies future-proof land services?

Why oil and gas should invest in new operating models to streamline land services, increase competitiveness and enhance their workforce.

16 Feb 2024 Cody Putnam

How bold action can accelerate the world’s multiple energy transitions

Our energy system is reshaping at speed, but in different ways across different markets. Three accelerators can fast-track change. Learn more.

05 Dec 2023 Serge Colle + 3

If energy transition is an evolution, how does oil and gas proceed?

The findings in our annual US E&P Benchmarking Study reveal 3 industry behaviors that could affect the future of oil in the energy transition.

22 Aug 2023 Patrick Jelinek + 2

Why oil and gas companies should optimize their supply chain function

Why oil and gas companies should optimize their supply chain function. Learn more.

14 Jun 2023 Cody Putnam + 1

How can energy companies create carbon transparency?

Accurate emissions data capture is crucial for building carbon transparency and winning stakeholders’ trust. A digital carbon ledger might help. Read more about it here.

24 Apr 2023 Patrick Jelinek + 1

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    How an industry newcomer is helping decarbonize the refining industry

    An EY team helped a private company make their make CCS commercialization plans a reality. Learn how in this case study.

    15 Dec 2023 Michael Scott

    How data analytics can strengthen supply chain performance

    EY Supply Chain SmartMaps™ helped a global energy company leverage buying power, strengthen processes, reduce costs and optimize inventory. Learn more.

    14 Jul 2023 Ben Williams

    Transforming material master data from liability to asset

    How can you transform your data into a valuable, digitized asset? Learn more in this case study.

    21 Jun 2023

    How a digital ledger helped one plastics company champion circularity

    Building trust and transparency with customers starts with an irrefutable sustainability certificate. Learn more

    14 Mar 2023 Glenn Steinberg + 1

    How a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system supports growth

    Diamondback Energy implements SAP S/4HANA® for a quick-to-market solution with minimal business disruptions.

    22 Dec 2022 James White

    How the energy sector can extract value from emissions data

    Fueled by human collaboration and the latest technology, we helped one company find opportunity in sustainability. Learn more in this case study.

    20 May 2022 Mitch Fane + 1

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