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Time is running out for current utility business models.

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Three ways to move energy consumers from interest to action

Consumers are more interested than ever in clean energy options but 70% say they won’t spend more of their time or money to take action. Read more.

08 Feb 2024 Greg Guthridge

How utilities can reinvent their supply chain for a more dynamic market

To keep pace with the energy transition and a more dynamic global supply chain, power producers and utilities must reinvent their capabilities.

07 Feb 2024 EY Americas

2024 utilities sector outlook brings three key opportunities

The 2024 utility sector outlook requires strategic investment, digital leadership, embracing renewables, and prioritizing customers and employees. Read more.

08 Jan 2024 Trey Thornton

How bold action can accelerate the world’s multiple energy transitions

Our energy system is reshaping at speed, but in different ways across different markets. Three accelerators can fast-track change. Learn more.

05 Dec 2023 Serge Colle + 3

Are the global winds of change sending offshore in a new direction?

Turbulent times in the offshore wind sector could change the way large-scale energy projects are built and funded in future. Read more in RECAI 62.

14 Nov 2023 Arnaud de Giovanni + 1

How tax and finance can collaborate to advance key sustainability goals

Utilities’ tax and finance teams need to collaborate to help power and utility companies leverage incentives embedded in new legislation and advance key ESG goals.

11 Sep 2023 Brian Murphy

Three approaches to drive cybersecurity maturity and success

Energy company CISOs must demonstrate progress using the right metrics to validate their cybersecurity investments amid board scrutiny. Read more.

21 Jun 2023 Chris Roche + 1

    Energy transition

    The expansion of how energy is produced, transported and used across all industries will be integral to society’s progress toward sustainability.


    Electrification in mobility is gathering pace, demanding the reinvention of strategies, operating models and supply chains.

    If the tech powers the future, who powers the tech?

    Our survey of utilities executives finds skills and technology are critical to navigating disruption and a low-carbon energy future.

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    How a digital ledger helped one plastics company champion circularity

    Building trust and transparency with customers starts with an irrefutable sustainability certificate. Learn more

    14 Mar 2023 Glenn Steinberg + 1

    How Wawa is catering to customers with new convenient offerings

    Wawa implements new technologies, keeping customers at the center of its offerings. Learn more in this case study.

    30 Jan 2023 Faisal Alam + 1

    An energy company’s transformation for the 21st-century customer

    Learn how Xcel Energy is building trusted relationships with customers and helping lead the energy transition through innovative products and services.

    28 Oct 2022 Minsoo Pak + 2

    How the energy sector can extract value from emissions data

    Fueled by human collaboration and the latest technology, we helped one company find opportunity in sustainability. Learn more in this case study.

    20 May 2022 Mitch Fane + 1

    Why people and tech are the fuel for customer-centric transformation

    The benefits of the major transformation program undertaken by TNB, while working with EY, could be achieved across many other sectors.

    06 Feb 2021 Philip Rao + 2

    Creating a smarter, safer grid for new meters

    EY teams are helping a national electricity company reinforce its legacy power infrastructure for a trusted, cyber-safe future.

    03 Jul 2019 Alex Campbell
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