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Global economic insights help business leaders navigate macroeconomic trends, deliver resilient business strategy and reshape their portfolios to support long-term value.
Inform your strategic and operational decision-making process using a goal-oriented, data-driven, investor-minded and long-term-focused global macroeconomic framework. Use real-world economic information to drive operating models, revenue dynamics, supply chain management and investment strategy. Leverage robust economic modeling and scenario building insights to better plan your transformation today and drive long-term value.

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    Macroeconomic webcasts

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    Economic impact of AI

    Our panelists discuss the opportunities and challenges that will arise as GenAI increasingly anchors itself at the nexus of economic growth.

    Global economic outlook: Aiming for an economic soft landing

    On the January 18 webcast, our panelists discussed the outlook for the 2024 economy and how that is likely to shape business investment decisions.

    Global economic outlook: risks, opportunities and commercial real estate

    On the October 19 webcast, our panelists discussed the US and global economic outlook for 2024 and beyond, including the risks and opportunities for the commercial real estate sector.

    EY Global economic outlook

    In the July 19, 2023 webcast, we examined the economic outlook for 2023–24 and how companies can adapt and thrive despite elevated economic uncertainty, financial market volatility and persistent inflation.

    How to improve your pricing model and boost sales force effectiveness

    In the March 29, 2023 webcast, we discuss ways to embrace an agile, integrated pricing strategy that drives value and helps your sales force become more effective in implementing pricing amid economic uncertainty.

    Global economic and geopolitical outlook: transforming uncertainty into opportunity in 2023

    In this January 12, 2023 webcast, we examine the economic and geostrategic outlook for 2023 and how companies can find opportunities amid economic uncertainty, persistent inflation and price volatility.

    Our latest thinking

    The productivity potential of GenAI

    Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors.

    Catalyzing economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

    Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to be a significant strategic economic lever for businesses across sectors.

    Mega mergers can have mega payoffs — with the right approach

    Mega mergers can pay off with higher shareholder value if companies take the right approach. Find out more.

      How will banks respond to and get ahead of market volatility?

      Read how banks can and should address five key areas as they navigate this current era of economic uncertainty.

      Time for health systems to re-examine the value of primary care

      Health systems may need to re-evaluate the role of primary care. Systems should shift their allocation strategy to avoid further market deterioration.

      From defense to offense, utilities game plan for a recession

      Unprecedented opportunities will be available to companies that optimize their time before the downturn takes full affect. Read to learn the recession game plan for utilities.

      Innovate in a recession to emerge stronger 

      A recession is coming, and consumer and retail companies that can take it as an opportunity to innovate are likely to emerge stronger. Learn how.