Photographic portrait - Marko S Jevtic
By assessing industry factors along with the broader economy, corporate leaders can identify influential trends to help propel their businesses.

Marko S. Jevtic

EY-Parthenon Senior Economist, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Translator of “macro to micro.” Economist dedicated to providing insights to clients on how macroeconomic trends affect their organizations. Squash enthusiast and coffee lover.

Marko is a senior economist at EY-Parthenon. In his current role, he supports clients in assessing the impact of macroeconomic developments on their businesses by leveraging in-house-developed econometric models and sector-specific intelligence. 

Prior to joining EY-Parthenon, Marko worked as a consulting manager in the credit risk modeling space. He performed model review and assessment of credit loss forecasting models used in financial and regulatory reporting, including evaluating the effectiveness of clients’ overall risk management programs.

Marko previously worked at three central banks in Europe. At his last central bank, the Swiss National Bank in Zurich, he oversaw forecasting short-term GDP growth rates for advanced and emerging economies using time series analysis and indicator-based models.

He earned his Master of Science in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

How Marko is building a better working world 

The world has become more uncertain in terms of geopolitics and economic outlook. It is now vital for companies across sectors to not look at their industry in isolation but to adopt a global view to identify the economic forces shaping their industries. 

Marko is focused on condensing activity in the broader economy into trends affecting key industry sectors. Timely and insightful analyses of economic sectors, supplemented with industry-specific projections, can support company growth and provide value to consumers and communities. 

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