Geostrategic Business Group

Political risks are creating both challenges and opportunities for global organizations, creating an imperative to develop more strategic approaches to managing political risk. The Geostrategic Business Group helps companies to do this by translating geopolitical insights into business strategy.

What EY can do for you

The EY Geostrategic Business Group (GBG) helps organizations translate geopolitical insights into business strategy.

Geopolitics affects every global organization, from strategy to supply chain. Yet, many companies struggle to assess and manage this disruption and the impacts it has on their business.

The GBG harnesses EY’s global footprint and local knowledge, and collaborates with third-party firms to bring an added independent political risk perspective. With the breadth of our strategic and operational knowledge, our teams develop actionable plans to help you better monitor, assess and manage political risks.

We also help you design and implement political risk management at your organization, putting in place the governance and processes that adapt business strategy and broader risk management practices to overcome challenges and seize opportunities associated with an increasingly dynamic geopolitical environment.

In 2019, the GBG collaborated with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to launch the Wharton Political Risk Lab. This collaboration forms a global innovation ecosystem exploring the relationship between political risk, corporate performance, and political risk management.

To thrive in today’s changing world, we believe all organizations need a geostrategy — the cross-functional integration of political risk management into broader risk management, strategy and governance. To get there, we help companies:

  • Set up processes to identify and monitor political risks across a company’s global footprint
  • Assess the impact of political risk on revenue, supply chain, human capital, finance, R&D and other corporate functions
  • Conduct political risk assessments to inform decisions on market entry, M&A and other strategic transactions
  • Embed political risk in a company’s enterprise risk management (ERM) and other risk frameworks
  • Examine risk management governance, from the boardroom to operations
  • Incorporate geopolitical opportunity and risk analysis into enterprise strategy services

The team

Courtney Rickert McCaffrey

EY Global Geostrategic Business Group Insights Leader; EY Global Research Institute Director – EY Knowledge
Geopolitical analyst and strategist. Creative methodologist. Proud feminist. Passionate about generating insights to help executives make better-informed decisions.
Washington, DC, USA

Mary Cline

Senior Advisor, Geostrategic Business Group
Intrepid business and political strategist. Passionate about connecting the dots between politics, economics and business. Committed to delivering insights on critical global challenges.
Washington, DC, USA

Robert Smith

EY Trade Connect Leader
Experienced at helping companies to manage their global indirect tax function in developing and developed markets.
Irvine, USA

Bridget Neill

EY Americas Vice Chair, Public Policy
Regulatory and policy strategist. Three decades in shaping public policy impacting global financial markets and accounting profession. Passionate about family. Outdoor sports enthusiast.
Washington, DC, USA

Nobuko Kobayashi

EY Asia-Pacific Strategy Execution Leader
Multi-cultural thought leader in Japan. Connector and relationship builder. Embodies a bridge that connects Japan with the outside world. Specializes in the Consumer sector.
Tokyo, JPN

Oliver Jones

EY Global SaT Markets, Sustainability and Geostrategy Leader
Passionate about providing outstanding support to governments and businesses in a fast changing world. Deeply committed to excellence in public policy. Team builder. Mentor. Flexible worker. Husband and father of three.
London, GBR

David Kirsch

Managing Director, Energy, Ernst & Young LLP
Energy professional. Former diplomat. Economic adviser through three global crises. Seasoned in strategy, risk and competitive intelligence. Father of two, international birder.
Houston, USA

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