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Assurance teams serve the public interest by promoting trust and confidence in business and the capital markets.


Our commitment to audit quality

We embrace our responsibility as independent auditors to perform high-quality audits that promote trust and confidence in the capital markets.

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Why today's biggest business risks require boards to be proactive


Dante D’Egidio joins Real Time Insights host Caroline Woods to discuss the need for scenario planning, innovation enablement, responsible AI implementation and cyber preparedness in today's uncertain business landscape

Our latest thinking on Assurance

Four ways boards can support the effective use of AI

Find out four ways boards can enhance their oversight of AI to create operating efficiencies and support strategy and growth.

24 Apr 2024 Barton Edgerton + 2

Strategic AI integration, governance and risk in finance

Businesses are preparing to incorporate AI into the finance function and anticipating how to manage risks. Read more.

23 Apr 2024 Natalie Jaros

CFOs remain cautious on 2024 while keeping an eye on policy and AI 

Most CFOs have been conservative in the last six months and are looking for stronger signals before accelerating hiring and investments. Learn more.

17 Apr 2024 Juan Uro

What audit committees are reporting to shareholders

Find out how audit committee disclosures in the proxies of Fortune 100 companies have changed in the last decade.

13 Feb 2024 Jennifer Lee + 2

What audit committees should prioritize in 2024

We highlight audit committee priorities for 2024 and address key risk management, financial reporting, tax and the regulatory developments.

02 Jan 2024 Pat Niemann + 1

How Gen Z insights are shaping the accounting profession of the future

The EY Accounting Professional of the Future survey reveals insights into how to better attract Gen Z to the accounting profession.

02 Nov 2023 EY Americas

The CFO Imperative: How can bold CFOs reframe their role to optimize performance?

The EY DNA of the CFO Survey identifies key priorities for CFOs to drive bolder change in their finance teams and deliver better performance. Learn more.

28 Jun 2023 Myles Corson

How EY teams applied the principles of digital transformation to the audit

Discover how the EY digital transformation created an audit that provides deeper insights.

28 Jan 2020 Jeanne Boillet

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