Cybersecurity and privacy leaders’ agenda

Cybersecurity and privacy leaders must act now to tackle today’s most pressing security challenges.

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Three challenges facing cyber and privacy leaders today

  • How do I modernize cybersecurity while meeting the board’s risk appetite?

    Now, more than ever, chief information security officers (CISOs) are critical members of their organization’s leadership team. They must reassess risks by identifying cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and quantifying potential impacts in financial terms. CISOs need to provide business-oriented programs that drive ROI and reduce risk.

    We can help you prioritize strategies and the implementation of controls based on (1) the value they deliver in managing cyber risk and (2) quantifying potential impacts in financial terms.

  • How do I balance data privacy regulations and the demand for customer data control?

    The global pandemic has forced our reliance on digital services and platforms that touch almost every part of our lives. Consumers and customers are more aware of the personal data they share and rethinking what they expect in exchange. As we’ve seen, malicious actors are relentless; their malfeasance is making headlines routinely — another breach, a ransomware attack, PII being leaked, for example. Attacks are pernicious, and the cost of regulatory compliance is rising. Today’s climate brings new privacy regulations and increased scrutiny from regulators leading to fines with higher frequency.

    We understand the delicate balancing act CISOs need to perform: meeting privacy concerns against customers’ demands for data control while adhering to complex regulations.

    EY privacy and data protection services help organizations stay up to date with leading practices in data security and data privacy, as well as comply with regulations in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape.

  • How can core cybersecurity operations be managed cost effectively?

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause operational disruptions with far-reaching negative impacts. Companies have had to be agile, redeploying internal resources to meet surges and shifts. Attracting and retaining talent weighs heavily on organizations amid the “Great Resignation.” Cybersecurity specialists with a wide depth and breadth of experience were difficult to come by before the pandemic. Today, this unique and complex skill set is even rarer.

    EY Next Generation Security Operations and Response teams can provide you with the right amount of support to help you manage leading-class cybersecurity operations in a programmatic way.

Case study: creating a smarter, safer grid for new meters

EY teams helped a European national electricity company reinforce its legacy power infrastructure for a trusted, cyber-safe future

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Cybersecurity budgets in flux

58%of business leaders said their organization sometimes implements new technologies without allowing ample time for cyber assessment or oversight.