How to reduce cyber risk with modern log management: tales of success

In this webcast, EY and CrowdStrike leaders engaged in a panel discussion about how businesses can reduce cyber risk and increase data-driven protection with a scalable log management platform. Watch it on-demand below.

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Organizations are facing an acceleration of cybersecurity risks, but the technology they have in place to monitor and manage data logs is often limited in its ability to identify and analyze incidents in real-time. Data ingestion can come at a high cost, forcing companies to examine only limited data sets and retain it for shorter timeframes, exposing companies to significant operational and security blind spots.

In response to these challenges, EY and CrowdStrike presenters discussed how to modernize log management for unified security visibility and effective threat hunting. 

The panel discussion focused on:

  • Considerations when assessing your log management gaps and needs
  • Optimizing log management to reduce complexity and increase visibility
  • An inside look at how Fortune 250 companies are using Falcon® LogScale to transform their log management and observability capabilities


  • Suzanne Hall, Principal, Cybersecurity, Ernst & Young LLP


  • Bill Fryberger, Principal, Cybersecurity, Ernst & Young LLP
  • JP Flores, Global Leader, CrowdStrike



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