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Beyond Borders: EY Biotechnology Report 2024

New EY biotechnology report with deal, financing and other data, plus insights on AI, GLP-1 drugs, oncology breakthroughs, the VC lens and much more.

Key steps for improving biopharma expansion into new markets

As biopharma companies look to new markets for needed growth, leaders need to tailor the expansion approach to the nuances of each market. Learn more.

What pharma supply chain transformation means for tax

Businesses looking to create visibility and resilience in their supply chains must loop in tax and transfer pricing teams early in the process. Learn more.

2024 Health Equity Outlook Report

See how much progress has been made toward advancing health equity and read insights on trends and challenges in the 2024 EY Health Equity Outlook Report.

Drive commercial success by effectively navigating loss of exclusivity

Pharmaceutical companies facing patent expiration must carefully craft the right brand strategy to increase value. Learn more.

How pharma can benefit from using GenAI in drug discovery

Using GenAI in drug discovery is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry, with speed and cost savings seen as potential benefits. Learn more.

How ecosystems transform customer journeys 

Discover how an EY-orchestrated ecosystem can help companies create differentiated customer journeys.

How life sciences can make the right deals in a time of change

Life sciences companies are returning to dealmaking amid cost and revenue pressures – how will they find the right deals to secure value? Learn more.

How generative AI can optimize health care supply chains

Technology lets organizations capture efficiencies and improve patient care. Find out more.

How a life sciences leader accelerated its DEI journey

Leading DEI strategies for biopharmas that boost productivity, governance and talent retention. Read more.

Why digital supply chain visibility should be a pharma priority

With digitally driven end-to-end supply chain visibility, pharma companies will be better prepared for the next major supply chain disruption. Learn more.

Redesigning operating models to drive life sciences excellence

Life sciences leaders face an evolving market landscape. Our operating model insights drive agility and resiliency. Read more.

How digital is changing the tax strategy for MedTech

As MedTech companies make substantial investments in digital technology, there are important tax implications that should be addressed. Learn more.

5 steps life sciences companies can take now to build resiliency

Life sciences executives focus on cost containment and agility in the face of economic and legislative challenges. Learn more.

How tech and trust transformed a tax operating model

Global pharmaceutical player Boehringer Ingelheim is reimaging its tax operating model to boost quality and efficiency. Learn more in this case study.

How Bayer became a preferred partner of clinical trial sites globally

For pharma, becoming a preferred clinical trial partner is all about leveraging tech to drive efficiencies and improve site relationships. Read more.

How digital helps pharma manufacturers drive operational excellence

Transform your pharma manufacturing operations with a digital-first approach

    Convergence of consumer and health industries

    Consumers expect retailers and brands to address all parts of their lives, including their health and wellness needs. View the video to hear perspectives on how these industries are converging.

    EY leaders in the Life Sciences industry

    Arda Ural, PhD

    EY Americas Life Sciences Sector Leader
    Co-author of numerous whitepapers and a frequent speaker about biopharmaceutical strategy at industry conferences. Married father of two.
    New York, USA

    Melody Blanchford

    EY Americas Life Sciences Consulting Leader
    A problem solver who meets people where they are. Uses intellectual curiosity as a tool to help clients craft their go-to-market strategies. Refreshes and recharges by spending time outdoors.
    Philadelphia, USA

    Eduardo Schur

    EY US Health Sciences & Wellness Commercial Strategy and R&D Lead
    Works with clients to develop, launch and commercialize life sciences products. Interested in science, technology, new business models, diversity and women’s rights. Native of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Iselin, USA

    Coleen Blakely

    EY Americas Life Sciences Tax Leader; EY US-East Region Business Tax Services Leader; Tax Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
    Leader of EY Americas Life Sciences Tax and US-East Region Business Tax Services teams. Passionate, connected community builder. Wife. Mother. Explorer. Rower.
    New York, USA

    Evan Sussholz

    EY US Strategy and Transactions Partner
    Global client services partner and experienced transaction advisor who helps clients enhance shareholder value by making better decisions around capital strategy. Dedicated husband and father.
    Chicago, USA

    Ranu Carroll

    EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Life Sciences Leader
    Life sciences sector leader. Strategy and M&A advisor. Avid traveler. Opera enthusiast. Rugby fan. Proud mom of three small humans.
    New York, USA

    Miguel Duarte

    EY-Parthenon Partner, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP
    Passionate about strategy and innovation. Deep knowledge in the consumer sector. Brings transformative thinking to high-impact programs by blending strategy, technology and value creation.
    New York, USA

    H. Mallory Caldwell

    EY Americas Health Leader
    Proven executive and business strategist. Passionate about helping reshape and restructure industry to meet marketplace demands.
    Houston, USA

    Derron Stark

    EY-Parthenon Partner, Strategy & Transactions – Health Sciences & Wellness Supply Chain, Ernst & Young LLP.
    Driven to leverage science to help people lead healthier lives. Supply chain strategist. Husband and father. Passionate about soccer and cooking cuisine with international flavor.
    Iselin, USA

    Srihari Rangarajan

    Principal, Supply Chain & Operations, Ernst & Young LLP
    Harnessing the power of digital to solve complex business problems and drive value. Developing high-performance teams, built on collaboration, teaming, diversity and inclusion. Tennis and trivia buff.
    Chicago, USA

    Rich Ramko

    EY Americas Life Sciences Sector and Biotechnology Leader
    Experienced life sciences advisor with over 30 years of experience. Brings a collaborative approach with deep industry knowledge.
    Los Angeles, USA

    Jim Welch

    EY Global Medtech Leader
    Champion of connected health care ecosystems. Father of three daughters.
    Chicago, USA

    Jay Welsh

    EY Americas Life Sciences Supply Chain Leader
    Results-oriented supply chain and manufacturing leader. Work with clients on strategy and execution initiatives.
    Boston, USA

    Salman Shah

    R&D Consulting Field of Play Leader and Principal
    Driver of research optimization within health care and life sciences. Trusted leader, passionate in expanding access to quality health care for all patients.
    Boston, USA

    Nick Cernese

    EY Global Health Sciences & Wellness Consulting Partner
    EY Global Consulting Life Sciences Sector Leader & Global Account Leader. Passionate about patient empowerment and improved health outcomes. Avid traveler. Amateur wine collector. Cat dad.
    Hoboken, USA

    Joseph Oppong

    EY Americas Health Sciences and Wellness Industry ESG Leader
    Health care industry consulting leader. Strategic business advisor to Fortune 500 companies. Inclusive leader promoting DEI.
    Minneapolis, USA

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