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Scaling-up sustainability through collaboration

Learn from two of the world's biggest consumer companies on why a stakeholder ecosystem is key to accelerating sustainability.

What EY sustainability and ESG strategy consulting teams can do for you

There are many factors driving sustainability and wider environmental, social governance (ESG) issues to the top of your agenda: government incentives and regulations; investor standards; customer sentiment; and the views of your workforce and broader society. Whether you are a public or private company, government institution, investor or financial stakeholder, we help you to transform your sustainability and ESG strategy to protect and help create new sources of short- and long-term value creation.

Your challenges may include decarbonization and energy transition, eMobility, sustainable sourcing, or ensuring human rights in the supply chain. Our support will help you reframe your strategy, through scenario planning, value creation, business model reinvention and portfolio optimization. Our support will also help you accelerate your transition, through M&A, divestments, restructuring, green finance and strategic capital allocation, green infrastructure and decommissioning, economic and climate risk assessment, and advice on the tax implications of ESG. In short, we can help you design and realize your sustainability and ESG ambitions.

Our sector and functional depth of experience and the breadth of our integrated multidisciplinary capabilities across more than 120 countries help you deliver better sustainability strategy. We work with you to help manage not only the financial value, but also the people, customer/commercial and societal impact of your ESG journey, while retaining a focus on the creation and protection of long-term value for all your stakeholders.

We understand that every business has highly differentiated ESG challenges. Our multidisciplinary teams can assist you with your unique priorities, operating model and commercial ambition to navigate today’s complex environment, and help you to achieve your business objectives. We focus on real-world practical pathways to building a better future for you, your people and your organization.

We offer the support you need to meet your key challenges:

  • What are the sustainability and ESG trends that will impact my business?
  • How do I understand all stakeholder needs so that I can deliver on their expectations?
  • How do I create a sustainability and ESG strategy and ambition that delivers competitive advantage and creates and protects value for stakeholders?
  • What is my journey to net zero?
  • How do I protect and create value for the environment?
  • How do I finance my corporation for the long-term and effectively manage capital allocation?
  • What are the implications for my M&A, including divestments, strategy and execution?

Sustainability and ESG services and offerings

We are on your sustainability and ESG strategy journey with you.

Explore the full breadth of our value-led sustainability and ESG services at EY Sustainability.

How to design and deliver ESG strategy?

Learn how sustainability leaders are rethinking ESG strategy to build stakeholder trust and deliver long-term value. 

EY sustainability and ESG strategy consulting teams

Seth Reynolds

EY Americas Sustainability Leader

Strategic advisor to leaders and investors in sustainability, the education sector and beyond. Connector, facilitator, moderator and speaker. Husband and father.

Boston, USA

James Hurrell

EY-Parthenon Partner, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

A leader in strategy, M&A and restructuring. Working across North America, Europe and Asia. Husband and father of two.

New York, USA

Jim Doucette

Global EY-Parthenon Consumer Products and Retail Leader

Business strategist. Consumer behavior professional. Passionate about helping clients, developing people and building teams.

Stamford, USA

Michael Misrahi

EY Americas Telecommunications Leader, Strategy and Transactions, EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP

Focused on revenue growth, diversification, target evaluation and competitor analysis. Experience in product and bundling strategies, capex process optimization and business case development.

New York, USA

Shahid Murtuza

EY-Parthenon Principal, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Growth strategist. Chemicals and materials sector professional. Helps clients drive growth and performance. Mentor at heart. Man of family and faith. Reserves the right to be authentic.

Tysons, USA

Joern Buss

EY-Parthenon Partner, Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility, Ernst & Young LLP

International experienced executive advisor. Focused on strategic growth, product technology, transformation, turnaround. Supports manufacturing and mobility companies, private equity and investors.

Detroit, USA

Stephen Auton-Smith

Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors, LLC, Senior Managing Director

Transaction leader in energy and environmental infrastructure. Passionate about climate change and making a positive difference. Father, husband, mountaineer and traveler.

New York, USA

Greg Gratsch

Managing Director, EY Americas Strategy and Transactions; CRE Consulting and Technology Practice; Facilities Management Advisory Services

Greg, a seasoned, qualified professional with over 30 years’ experience in corporate real estate, has an outstanding track record of transforming organizations in commercial real estate management.

San Francisco, USA

Kenneth Schwartz

Partner, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Advisor to global private equity and corporate clients. Working on complex M&A and divestitures. Deep sector experience in consumer and retail, distribution, and professional services.


Rodolfo Araujo, CFA

Principal, ESG Strategy, Corporate Governance and Investor Relations, Ernst & Young LLP, EY-Parthenon

Strategic advisor to corporate leaders and investors. Transforming organizations and driving value through sustainability. Securing investor support in critical times. Husband and father.

Tysons, USA

Chase Jordan

EY Americas ESG Due Diligence Leader, Principal, Strategy and Transactions, EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP

Sustainability pragmatist who helps align profits with purpose. Advisor to private equity firms and their portfolios. Amateur chef and professional foodie.


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