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Consumers are evolving faster than ever – what they buy, how they buy it, and who they buy it from are all in play.

With the increased frequency of regional and global disruption, consumers have become more fluid and shifted how they make purchase decisions. They have placed increased emphasis on experiences, particularly those that improve their life. This, balanced with affordability concerns as well as preferences for sustainable, transparent and local goods, creates greater focus on the value retailers and consumer goods companies provide. No matter the sector – food & beverage, apparel, health and personal care, etc. – all companies are experiencing the impact of a consumer-centric marketplace, more highly connected ecosystems and planet-friendly priorities. The retail and consumer goods companies that lead on addressing the disruptions will shape our future industry.

Transforming Retail

From retail strategy to operational execution, we help retailers fortify their businesses, strengthening the readiness, resilience and relevance needed for whatever disruptions that lie ahead.

Experience-led Consumer Journey

An experience-led consumer journey goes beyond selling, e-commerce and omnichannel. It adapts to a world where every journey is different.

Food system reimagined

Food and agriculture face systemic change driven by consumer-centricity, planet-friendly initiatives and increasingly connected ecosystems.

The Now, Next, Beyond Consumer

COVID-19 has transformed the lives of consumers. What do they value? What will it take to serve them? How will your business adapt?

Consumer in practice: Actioning CPG and retail transformation

Our Consumer in practice playbook series offers practical insights and actionable steps to help CPG and retail leaders address a host of top-of-mind issues, navigate disruption and position themselves for both success today and growth tomorrow.

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Consumer Convergence Trends with Reuters

As companies rethink their value propositions and business models, this mini-series explores the blurring lines between consumer products, retail and other consumer-facing industries.

The space between consumers and convergence

With so many consumer-facing industries merging, it can be tempting to chase the trend. Lokesh Ohri explains why this is a mistake.

The space between consumer and health

Consumers expect retailers and brands to address all parts of their lives, including their health and wellness needs. Jason Barnes and Miguel Duarte discuss the creation of a dedicated consumer health sector and what companies should consider as these two industries converge.

The space between retail and technology

The recent boom in retail media networks is just one example of the convergence taking place across the retail and technology industries. Isaac Krakovsky and Nuno Leal talk about the role of direct-to-consumer, and how retailers and tech players can crack the convergence code leveraging data.

Latest Consumer Products & Retail Consulting case studies

Leadership in Action: Painting the big picture

How Kellogg Company Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane transformed an iconic 117-year-old organization.

How Canadian Tire leveraged the potential of customer data with AI

An iconic Canadian retailer drives personalized customer service with smarter data management and advanced analytics. Learn more in this case study.

03 Apr 2024

How a cosmetics giant’s transformation strategy is unlocking value

Shiseido, the largest Japanese beauty company, is reimagining its functions, processes and systems to create a global operating model. Learn more.

13 Sep 2023 Nobuko Kobayashi + 3

How to use real-time data to mine better insights

Learn how a leader in the food and beverage industry is harnessing the power of information to prepare for what comes next

31 Mar 2023 Milene Carvalho + 2

How a frozen-foods powerhouse kept their cool on the way to being #1

A supply chain transformation helped a frozen-foods company keep up with demand throughout the pandemic and set the table for future growth. Learn more.

02 Jun 2022 Morgan Malone

    The Consumer Products and Retail Team

    Kathy Gramling

    EY Americas Consumer Industry Markets Leader

    25-year consumer products and retail veteran. Integration and teaming advocate. Passionate mentor and transformative leader. Wine enthusiast.

    Chicago, USA

    Isaac Krakovsky

    EY Americas Retail Leader

    Advising the retail, consumer and private equity industries for over 30 years. Passionate about leading teams, business transformation, family, skiing and golf.

    New York, USA

    Lokesh Ohri

    Americas Consumer Consulting Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

    Consumer products and retail aficionado. Emerging tech, data and AI enthusiast. Innovator. Proud father.

    New York, USA

    Will Auchincloss

    EY-Parthenon Americas Consumer Products and Retail Leader

    Passionate leader focused on accelerating winning strategies for clients. Trusted advisor to help leaders reach the full potential of their business. Proud husband and parent.

    Atlanta, USA

    Tony Ward

    EY Experience-Led Consumer Journey Leader

    Passionate about clients and their success for over 30 years. Source-to-store experience and eager to grow all client channels profitably. Golf fanatic.

    Chicago, USA

    Paul Bierbusse

    EY Americas Consulting Business Analytics Leader

    Business analytics thought leader – providing global strategy and transformation consulting to c-suite executives. Passionate about helping enable others to succeed. Critical thinker.

    Atlanta, USA

    Sean Harapko

    EY Americas Supply Chain Transformation and Global Supply Chain RPA leader

    Passionate about friends and family both in and out of work. Husband and father surrounded by girls. Outdoor adventure seeker. Big supporter of the military and military community.

    Baltimore, USA

    Robert Holston

    EY US-West Consumer Market Segment Leader

    Unlocking differentiated value for consumer-facing companies navigating an increasingly complex, connected digital world. Inclusive leader, high-performing team champion. Ironman triathlete. Foodie.

    Miami, USA

    Jonathan Phillips

    EY US-Central Consumer Market Segment Leader

    Global Client Service Partner. Consumer products industry veteran. Trusted advisor, strategist and team leader.

    Atlanta, USA

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    04 Aug 2023 John Dubois + 1

    Emerging tech in the enterprise: How to catch up to your “consumers”

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