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Our latest thinking on the transportation industry

Why human interaction remains essential to the car buying journey

The dealership retains a crucial role for buyers of EVs and ICE cars. Learn four key themes that emerged from the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index. Read more.

What auto suppliers can learn from PE to drive their EV transition

Auto parts suppliers that have hesitated to adopt an EV strategy can learn from the bold decision-making culture of private equity firms. Learn more.

Why there is much more to sustainability than building EVs

In this episode, Andrea Weinberger discusses why the automotive industry needs to embrace a wider sustainability agenda. Learn more.

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How mapping the evolving consumer mindset is key to EV mass market appeal

Learn more on how mapping the evolving consumer mindset is key to EV mass market appeal in the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index report.

How manufacturers can adapt for success amid rising geopolitical uncertainty

To thrive in an increasingly volatile world, manufacturing leaders must make strategic moves that enhance agility and resilience. Learn how.

How electric vehicles are reshaping the car buying journey

The latest EY Mobility Consumer Index shows that digital auto retail is being driven by the rise of the electric vehicle. Learn more.

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