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Our blockchain platform can help transform the business lifecycle for digital ecosystems, while promoting trust, transparency and efficiency.

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Blockchain is digitalizing and integrating supply chains by connecting business operations and finance at the ecosystem level.

The technology has the potential to change the dynamics of system integrations not only for businesses, but for governments and academia as well. Instead of suppliers having to integrate to customized systems in large enterprises and organizations, they can instead interact with standardized apps and tokens on the public blockchain network, protected by privacy technology.

EY blockchain solutions support the complete business lifecycle from contracting, ordering, fulfilling, invoicing, to payments – from doing business on a blockchain to getting insight into what happened on the blockchain. EY teams also know how to manage the tax and audit requirements for blockchain-based transactions, so companies can handle the regulatory and tax complexities of an emerging ecosystem.

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Our blockchain solutions include:

  • EY OpsChain Contract Manager: Engage in a procurement workflow by issuing request for quotes, contracts, purchase orders and invoices across a network of trusted business partners. Learn more.
  • EY Blockchain Analyzer: Smart Contract & Token Review — Review the underlying code of smart contracts to increase confidence in blockchain-enabled transactions. Learn more.
  • EY Blockchain Analyzer: Tax calculator — Upload transactions to download a Form 8949, which is used to calculate capital gains for US tax returns. Learn more.
  • EY OpsChain Traceability: Improve traceability and transparency across the supply chain through the use of notarization and tokenization. Learn more.
  • EY OpsChain Public Finance Manager: Provides governments and public sector organizations the solutions and tools for the effective management of public finances, while producing near-real-time performance reporting and advanced analytics. Learn more.
  • EY Blockchain Analyzer: Reconciler – Bulk-reconcile on-chain and off-chain data to identify matches and mismatches of transactions. Learn more.

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